Friday, September 28, 2012

My Polishes

Normally at the end of the month I do a run down of all of the polishes I've gotten throughout the past month. Well, I realized the other day that I never officially shared the polishes I started out with when I started this blog. Monday October 1 is the 6 month anniversary of my blog, so I decided now would be a good time to do it. I'll do another post soon showing all of the polishes I've gotten since I started :) Speaking of anniversaries, on October 2 my boyfriend and I will have been together for 12 years! He has to work on our anniversary so today we're celebrating with completely home made french bread pizza - I'll be making the sauce and bread here in a little while. For dessert, we're having butter pecan ice cream topped with potato chips :) My grandfather loved eating vanilla ice cream and potato chips and a few weeks ago I got a craving for it, so my boyfriend suggested it for this weekend. Yum yum!

 Let's start with Cover Girl. I have two of their polishes, Amethyst Mist and Pink Twinkle. I swatched Amethyst Mist here and here. These are my spring chickens of my original stash. They're a few years old, but I purchased them sometime after 2000. I used Pink Twinkle here.

Next are my two Jane polishes which I've had for a very long time.. sometime in the 90s. These are Warpaint and Up All Night.

Here is my Loreal polish, Sangria. I kind of think this may have belonged to my mom.. It's another really old one, and in fact it's old enough that I don't remember where it came from or when I got it. Definitely from the 90s. I also used it in my water marble here.

I have this Loud! Music polish which does not have any kind of label on it whatsoever. I *think* I may have gotten this with a magazine promo in the 90s or something. I do have a few polishes which belonged to my sister at some point in time so this may be one of them, I can't remember. I used it with my black leopard manicure.

Next up are my 3 Nail Savvy polishes, again from the 90s. I have Purple Magic, Emerald Green and a brown with no sticker info. I used Purple Magic with my water marble. The brown is absolutely hideous and has been listed in my "ugly polish pile". I shouldn't blame the polish; I tried it out once and discovered I just don't like brown polish on me; it makes me feel like my nails are covered in chocolate or poo. I *might* consider selling it at some point in time but I have no clue what it's worth since it's so old. Emerald Green is definitely not green - in fact, I think it's almost a dupe of Zoya's Zuza! I used Purple Magic and Emerald Green in my first nail taping experiment manicure. You can see some more pictures of these 2 in the manicure I did to celebrate Pretty Face, Happy Bank's birthday :)

I haven't been to Sally's Beauty probably since the 90s so I was surprised to see Nina still makes polishes... the 2 I have are some more of my 90s antique polishes. Pewter and Silver Slipper. I really love these 2 polishes together; one of my favorite combinations as a teenager. I used Silver Slipper to add some glitter to my water marble.

Next up is my Revlon polish again from the 90s during my silver phase. I hope to swatch this one soon, I keep meaning to and forgetting about it! This is Street Wear Gunmetal.

Sally Hansen! Those I have a bunch of, as they're one of my favorite brands and have been for many years. First up is my Chrome polishes, Aquamarine and Royal Purple. I swatched them both here, back before I knew what I was doing with nail polish. Can you tell how much I've improved over the past few months? Here's some more photos of Royal Purple. I'll have to reswatch these sometime and get some better photos.

Next are my Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. I'm wearing a couple of these right now so I'll have pictures to share soon! I have Diamonds, which looks pretty yellowed in the photo. It is a bit yellow but not as bad as what the picture looks. Next are Platinum, Lavender Marquis and Champagne Toast. I'm wearing these 3 right now. One of these, I think perhaps Lavender Marquis or Diamonds, was a Christmas present from my sister several years ago. I had it on my Christmas list not knowing it was discontinued, and she was awesome enough to find it for me :)

The next polish is Sally Hansen Confetti from the Hard as Nails collection. I love this polish and I'm so sad because it's almost gone! I think it's pretty much unusable at this point :( The picture isn't very good but it's a holo bar glitter polish. Regardless, I'm keeping the bottle just to remember how pretty this polish is, since I doubt I could find another bottle. I haven't seen any dupes of it, yet.

Nail Prisms! I wish I had more of these. The three I do have are gorgeous. I have Ruby Diamond, Diamond and Lavender Pearl. I'm currently also wearing Diamond and Lavender Pearl. WOW I forgot how beautiful Diamond is - who needs Jade and some of the other more expensive holos? (at least not in silver, I don't!) I will definitely be swatching all of these individually at some point. So pretty. Upon reflection, it might have been one of these which my sister bought for me for Christmas, I really can't recall! It does seem weird to have 2 Sally Hansen polishes called Diamond(s) - back in the day when I wasn't paying much attention I used to get the 2 mixed up all the time. Huge huge difference! Ruby Diamond I also used in my water marble.

Last of my Sally Hansen polishes is Teflon Tuff clear. This was my go to top coat before finding the Insta-Dri top coat.

Next up are my Space System polishes, again from the 90s. I think I got these at Marcs grocery store and they *might* have been made by Wet n' Wild but I'm not really sure. I have Earth and Pluto. My notes say I'm pretty much done for with Pluto; I'll see if I have enough to swatch it sometime.

My Wet n' Wild polishes... oh how I loved these when I was a teenager. I still curse myself for not keeping all of my old polishes, and I sure wish I had the black base rainbow glitter over coat I had. That was my favorite and I still haven't seen a dupe for it :(

I have Disco Inferno, Zealous,  and Excusez Moi. The last two are so old they only have numbers! 415A and 417E. I used Excusez Moi in my water marble. I do own Night Prowl and I think I'll have to compare these 2 sometime to see if they're similar at all. Zealous I used here. Here are some more photos of the much mentioned water marble. I used 415A with my 4th of July manicure and as far as I can remember I had no problems with it.

These next 2 are part of Halloween makeup kits my sister in law and her husband bought and just randomly left at my house. I have a huge tin of the stuff (which reminds me of an idea I had.....) The nail polish SUCKS. I guess it's good if you want it for Halloween. If you want to wear it for more than a day, it sucks. It's weird and peeled off like latex.

Last but not least are my set of generic polishes. My sister bought me these tins of polish many years ago as a Christmas present.

There's a fortifier which is surprisingly pretty good; base coat, a ceramic coat which I am also wearing at the moment and it pretty much looks like the color of my skin; and a top coat. I'm also wearing 3 of these polishes at the moment. The polish itself is pretty bad but some of the colors are amazingly pretty. I definitely need to find dupes of some of these in better quality polishes. See that sandy polish in the front? I hate neutral colors but I'm wearing that one right now and I was surprised at how much I love the color. I definitely need to find an alternative for it. I swatched one of these for Try it on Tuesdays. Again, love the color but hate the polish. I need to find a good dupe of it, also.

So that's it. I started this blog with 45 polishes and here 6 months later I've more than tripled my collection. I did have one more polish when I started - a periwinkle blue glitter which I can't remember the name of or even who made it but it was garbage so I had to toss it :(

Let me know if you want to see some swatches of any of these :)

Thanks for reading!

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