Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Ipsy bag first look

I bought this. This page contains a referral link.

I'm so excited because my February Ipsy bag arrived today. Funny thing about it is I never noticed in any of the pictures that it has orange on it! That's so strange considering how bright it is in this picture and real life.

Unfortunately my nail polish seems a bit wonky - I think perhaps just from the cold weather... so I'm giving everything 24 hours to warm up. Hopefully that helps... because at the moment my nail polish is looking a bit like fudge and I know it's not supposed to look like that. I really hope I'm not going to have to ask them to send me a replacement because I just had a similar experience with another product a few months ago. They do seem to be good about replacements though!

So check out what I got in my bag this month.

First up is Trust Fund Beauty in $12 Latte. Let me just say that I hate brown nail polish. But this is Trust Fund and so far their polishes are pretty awesome. This one looks like it's more of a purple brown which sounds kind of weird but it looks like it's a color I don't have already, so at least it will be unique in my collection. I really hope this settles so I can try it out tomorrow. I like that this is made in the US.

Next up, I received two facial masks from bioBelle. I absolutely love that I received these since getting two products, it's basically a two for one deal. Pretty awesome! I haven't tried this brand yet, but I've tried some other mask sheets and they're pretty fun. Immediately I like that these are GMO, and paraben free. Not crazy that they're made in China, but you'll have that.

I'm also really excited to try out the bellapierre volumelash mascara - how awesome that it's full size?! I don't seem to get many full size products so I definitely lucked out this month in that department. This expires after 12 months, so I'm glad it will last a good long time. I've gotten a few mascaras recently which only lasted like 3-6 months so I really hope this is a good one since I'll be using it for awhile.

I also got Nyx butter lipstick which I could have given or taken, but I'm very happy it's full size and that I received Ripe Berry. I prefer more wine colored reds, so I'm happy they picked this shade out for me. I'm definitely looking forward to trying this. Again - this one was made in Taiwan. Just can't avoid foreign made products sometimes.

Lastly, I received Lord & Berry eyeliner in Travel Black. I really, really don't need any more eyeliner... but this ones lasts 3 years and it's I think half size so I doubt it will actually last that long. I see it's made in Italy. I don't recall trying an Italian makeup products before, so that has my interest piqued. Again, it is black, and I already have like 10 eyeliners in black.. but I'll try it and see what I think. I don't normally use regular pencil eyeliners anymore either. One of the other things I'm curious about this eyeliner is I saw on Ipsy's Web site that this can be used along the waterline. I have never ever used eyeliner on the waterline. I'm actually a bit nervous about that, but I'll try it.

You may have noticed I left out one product here. I also got Make Face Gloss as a rewards item this time. I can't say that I've ever used a face gloss, don't recall ever hearing about such a thing - so I got it to try just for that reason. Ipsy says this can be used as a highlighter which I find interesting. I assumed this was colorless - and after checking it is. I've yet to use a clear highlighter so that will be fun to experiment with. This is pretty small, just .1 fluid ounce but for something free to try out, I can't complain.

So before actually digging in, I feel like I made out pretty well this month. Something you got in your bag this month you want to tell me about? Anything here you love, hate? Let me know in the comments!

If you're not familiar with Ipsy, they are a subscription service where you get 5 beauty items a month delivered to your door. Sometimes you get full sized items, sometimes travel or sample sized. But they're fun just if you like to try new things. For me, it's been a great experience to try new products and types of products as I learn more about makeup. Additionally, they have a cool rewards program where if you review items on their Web site, share your bag, etc. you get points which can be used to exchange for free products. Score! (Referral link follows.) You can sign up for your custom monthly Ipsy bag here

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