Sunday, January 15, 2017

Makeup organization

Last year I really focused on getting my home more organized. I still have a long way to go but I got started. As far as makeup goes I had so much. Too much. I don't know how beauty bloggers do it because I had too much just from the few items I have reviewed or won in giveaways. Here is what I did to get organized and this has worked really well for me.

To start I gathered everything and tossed anything which had expired. This included anything I knew was old but did not have an expiration symbol. It did not include my nail polish because no. I can't.

Next I sorted everything by type. Eye shadows in one pile. Lipsticks in another. You get the idea. Then I entered everything into a spreadsheet. I have it sorted by types. Those are then sorted by expiration dates so I have my makeup which expires first listed first.

Looking at my spreadsheet I take one of each item and put those in one of my old Ipsy bags. So there you have it. Easy no thinking makeup for a month. At the end of the month I look at my spreadsheet and toss anything which has expired and replace it with the next to expire item.

Here's a photo of my current bag. For my nail polish I set out anything new to be tried out and once I've used them I get out my stash and pick out some oldies to use. So I actually have a mix of new and old in this picture.

Additional items like cuticle cream or lip balm go in my makeup storage unit. I keep brushes not in use here. I also have extra lip sticks, eyeliners, etc. here for when I get bored of using the same products every day. 

I also usually keep my newest Ipsy bag out and mix those items with my daily makeup bag. Once I review the items they go into the appropriate location. 

Here in this last picture I have four Sterilite boxes. I keep my nail art supplies in one. In another I keep any extra makeup which won't fit in my other places. Then one has exercise items and the last is just odds and ends. The large box in front there is my new Zumba set I got for Christmas.  Then I have my at home spa and my gel nail light. All of the other boxes store my nail polish. 

I actually am working on weeding out some polishes because I've found the new polish just doesn't last long. Especially not the jellies. I will probably get rid of some when Zoya hast their next Earth Day sale. 

So that's how I've gotten organized and for me it works. 

My spreadsheet makes it easy for me to see when I'm going to have to buy more makeup. I also keep track of my Ipsy preferences and what I actually receive within the spreadsheet. I tweak my Ipsy preferences based on what I'm going to need and so far it has worked pretty well and I've been much happier with my bags. For instance I know I will need more mascara soon but I have enough moisturizer to last me many months so I will change my Ipsy settings to kind of reflect that. 

Let me know in the comments how you stay organized. 

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