Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Non Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat Deluxe Review

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

I think I've mentioned before how much I've been working on making our home more comfortable. It's difficult because we rent so were limited in what we can do as far as improving the aesthetics. Limited storage space doesn't help either because I have no room for decorations.  

One of the things we thought to do last year was replace our boring plain shower curtain with more interesting ones. Our walls are white which we both hate so a little bit of color helps make things more interesting.  This is the new one which I just hung up today. 

It's polyester so I did have to get a liner for it but so far I like the idea of a polyester curtain and this one just makes me smile. As it happens this week we are in the bathroom with the FlyLady program so it's a good time for a new curtain. All of this goes along with today's  review of the Non Slip Anti-Bacterial Bath Mat Deluxe. 

Product Description
DESCRIPCION • STYLISH WHITE COLOR LOOKS GREAT AND LUXURY IN EVERY SHOWER Make every bath or shower you take safer and more sanitary, anti-bacterial BPA-free. Made of high-quality, allergen-free vinyl. Machine washable. Excellent Grip Top and Bottom The underside of the mat is covered with suction cups that, once pressed into place, adhere firmly to the floor of a tub or shower stall and will not shift or slide when you step on or off.


I like this bath mat because it is BPA free. I question the claim that it is machine washable, and haven't tried to wash it that way. I used a wash cloth and some general purpose cleaner to wash it and that worked just fine. I've been using this for about a month and I haven't noticed any build up of grime or mildew or anything. That's better than my tub stopper which I had to clean after a week. It's so humid up here next to Lake Michigan that everything grows at a really fast rate, so I'm pretty happy with how clean this mat is after a month of use. 

At first I thought this mat seemed a bit small for our tub, especially looking at this picture. However, in actual use it's a perfect fit. Since I'm so accident prone I'm thankful I haven't slipped once since I started using this. All of those oils in the bath salts I use to tend to make things more slippery unfortunately.It eases my mind having this in our tub as well, knowing we're not as likely to slip and fall now. Even when taking a bath, I didn't have it slipping around on me - if you remember my review of my bath pillow, the suction cups on it don't stick to anything on the tub.

One of the bonuses to this bath mat is that it comes with this little loofah. I thought it looked kind of cheaply made but I was surprised at how well this works. The texture is a bit like a washcloth so it feels absolutely incredible on your skin. It definitely works well to exfoliate the skin. 

Additionally, this bath mat does seem to be one of the more affordable bath mats on Amazon. I feel it is definitely a good deal for the price. It's comparable to Walmart prices as well.

The bath mat is available on Amazon for $9.99

The shower curtain I bought at Amazon for $7.99 (but I got it free with a gift card, yay!)

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