Tuesday, October 4, 2016

CHROME nails with Born Pretty Store

I received these products in exchange for my honest opinion. 

I was going to post this last night but as probably most of you know by now the entire reviewing world is in an uproar at the moment with Amazon's decision to ban companies from offering products in exchange for an honest review. Obviously this effects me personally and effects this blog because I review so many things here and then on Amazon as well or at least I did. I'm personally feeling pretty disheartened. I'm not sure yet what it will mean for my future of reviewing. The web sites I use to work with companies will adapt I'm sure. They are promising things are going to continue on as usual. But I don't want to make this entire post about all of that. Things are definitely changing so only time will tell what that means exactly. 

So today I will be reviewing Born Pretty Store's chrome effect powders. I received both gold and silver so I decided to use both at once so you can compare. Let me begin by saying I like these little jars much more than the usual little containers the powders and things usually come in. I can never tell the top from bottom with those and I find them more difficult to open. These little jars are obvious in their design and easy to open so I'm much happier with these. 

 (I noticed while putting this post together, and comparing my powders with the photos on Born Pretty Store's Web site that while my gold looks the same as theirs, for some reason my silver looks completely different. It's definitely not the same fine powder as is shown in those pictures so I'm wondering if they didn't change the powder at some point.)

I played around with these powders quite a bit before actually using them. Let me say they are so much fun. I know Born Pretty Store and just about everyone I've read stated you have to use these with gel polish so that is what I did. I did use regular polish with my test swatches and didn't notice a difference. Born Pretty Store recommends using these over white or black gel polish. I actually don't have either of those and I figured that's what everyone else was doing so I did not just to try something different. I used Bundle Monster gel polish in red. 

Obviously the issue I have with chrome is it shows every little flaw so if your nails aren't perfect it will show. So sorry but I'm not sorry. The photo above and below are my nails before I applied the top coat. 

I think you can see the silver is a bit more flaky than the gold so it doesn't have the same effect. It's a beautiful chrome but not really the mirror perfect chrome you see with some powders or polishes. Still I love it. The gold took on more of an orange color which I found to be beautiful. At certain angles it almost looked red which was strange. The gold I'm not sure you could really call chrome. It's definitely gold but it has a bit of holo sparkle to it. Regardless of what you call these they're lovely and so fun to play with and easy to apply. As you can see from my pictures the powder does get everywhere. So pardon the mess but I did want to get before and after pictures with the topcoat and I didn't want to risk cleanup because the powder does rub off easily. One more thing I like about these powders is you can rub them on to get different texture effects sort of like doing gold leafing. 

I had planned on doing some kind of nail art with these, but they started to chip after 4 hours. Less than a week after painting them, I still hadn't done any nail art and they were chipping but also lifting. I was actually able to peel the polish completely off my nails so I'm thinking it just never cured correctly or something, I don't know. I guess I still need to practice gel nails more or maybe it's my polish? I probably will get some black and white gel polish at some point just to have on hand.

Edit. I just thought to add in my test swatches for you to see. A few of these have the mermaid powder as well but you can clearly see the gold and silver chrome powders with regular top coat applied. 

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