Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Born Pretty Store Feather water decals review

I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 

I was looking over my old posts the other day and I realized it's been almost a month since I last did a manicure, yet I have a bunch of goodies still sitting here needing reviewed. WHAT? A month? I don't know where the time goes. I knew it had been 2 weeks but I seriously thought that was all. Time flies when you have a lot going on, I suppose.

So today's manicure I actually started last week - but then never finished so I decided to do something completely different with it and I'm glad I did because I love how it turned out.

Today I will be reviewing these feather nail stickers made by Hibiscus Nails and sold by Born Pretty Store.

I started with one coat of Cover Girl Black Heat on my pointer and pinky fingers. On the remaining fingers I painted one coat of Wet n Wild, then I used it again to top each nail with a second coat. I ended up with a really pretty foil look on each nail.

I let my nails dry, then cut out some of the feather stickers, dipped them in water for a few seconds, and lastly applied them to my nails. To finish off, I used one coat of Chrome Girl Top Coat. I did not have any melting issues with these decals, yay! I did not apply the decals to the nails I used Black Heat on.

 While I didn't have melting issues, these decals are pretty thin so they stuck to my fingers pretty easily. Unlike other decals, these were easy to place on my nails and then readjust if needed.

 These decals are much more transparent than I realized they would be, so while they did blend in with my polish quite a bit, it actually come out looking really pretty. It almost has like a faux tortoise shell effect, which I love. The foil polish turned out to be perfect for these stickers, in my opinion. It just looks so pretty. I may have to keep that in mind next time I use these again!

As you can see though, the design is still pretty noticeable, even the orange colors. I feel like this would be a great manicure for Autumn. As hot as this summer has been so far, I'm almost ready for Autumn already so maybe that was my subconscious mind at work :P

These decals are $2.90 at Born Pretty Store and are available in 4 different patterns. I received pattern number HN-053. World Wide shipping is always free!

You can also use my coupon code QTX31 to get 10% off your purchase from Born Pretty Store. I do believe this applies to normally priced items only, however.

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