Monday, February 1, 2016

All things must come to an end

No I'm not ending my blog before you get any crazy ideas from the title. This references a few other things I want to talk about today. Although in truth I am getting worn out from reviews so I may not post those as often for awhile. Or at least not sponsored ones. I have a bunch of books I've been wanting to read but I've mostly just been reading books for review for the past few months and I kind of need a break from it. So I do have a few more lined up but after that I'll probably just read and review a few things for my own benefit. 

Moving on. I have a few things to blog about but I just haven't felt like it. Last Monday was a very sad day for me. I went to clean my gerbil cage and found Pikachu barely alive. He passed away a few minutes after I found him. He hadn't been showing any signs of being sick and externally he looked ok. I'm assuming it was just his time. He was two years four months and a few days old. 

Monday I could not stop crying. I was heartbroken but also so worried about his brother Marvin. Gerbils are social creatures so I was afraid Marvin might get too lonely without his brother. At his age I don't really want to try to introduce him to a new gerbil. I've heard the horror stories and I just couldn't deal with Marvin getting hurt or killed. Fortunately he seems to be doing fine although he is definitely more frightened by me now. 

I was already in a sad mood before all of this because I finally read and finished Terry Goodkind's Warheart which is the last Sword of Truth novel. I am a huge fan of Goodkind's work. Although Warheart made me realize just how much Goodkind's writing style lacks, the overall stories is what I loved about this series. I can put up with some of the bothersome writing because the result of the books are enjoyable and always get my brain thinking. Goodkind inspires me to live my life like very few others have. I'm side tracking. Mostly towards the beginning of the book Goodkind seemed to repeat himself quite a bit. As if he were trying to get some point across which I just missed or else he was just trying to meet a word quota. This was irksome to read but then I know very well I'm guilty of the same within my own writing. 

(three of my Christmas presents. This blanket is awesome!)

I did enjoy Warheart but I wish I would have reread the other books first. Goodkind at last tied in and answered so many questions. I would say the plot was mostly predictable although he didn't quite go where I expected him to but I was close. It was especially interesting seeing so much of the book tie in with the First Confessor. 

I know this is the last of the Sword of Truth books but I sincerely hope Goodkind continues to write. Even if he doesn't continue storylines in Richard's universe, I'm hoping to read more work from one of my all time favorite authors. 

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