Monday, August 3, 2015

Put one step in front of the other

Yes it's August and I'm quoting a song from a Christmas special. With my father the Christmas music typically begins being played about now :P Anyway...

I was sitting in the chair tonight while eating my supper and reflecting on how much I've changed over the years. Supper tonight was an omelette made with mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and bacon, with fried potatoes and coffee on the side. Two weeks ago you never would have gotten me to drink the coffee and the same goes for the omelette a few years ago. 

Recently I was more or less accused of doing nothing with my life over the past few years and doing nothing to improve myself. Anyone who actually knows me well knows this is absolute nonsense.  One of the things I struggle with, especially when it comes to my weight loss goals, is that in comparison to Ther people my progress is always so slow. This is why I don't compare myself to others. I can only do my own personal best.  When you're in chronic pain every little thing seems to be so much harder than it should be. I still have days when it feels like just doing a simple task like the dishes is the end of the world. It really shouldn't be so difficult. It's usually the pain talking but unfortunately I have the added bonus of my brain injuries. One brain injury in itself automatically makes everything more difficult to do as well. 

But I don't sit around and cry about how hard things are. Sure I have my days when I get depressed and frustrated with my slow progress. In the end though I keep learning, I keep trying new things and I keep improving myself. I may not be where other people my age are in their lives but so what? When I look back on how far I have come over the past twenty or fifteen years, I'm just amazed. True, I still have a long ways to go but I keep moving forward one day at a time, one change at a time.

The Grand Canyon wasn't carved out in a day and neither are we. Changes take time for people to notice and when they're not apparent on the outside it can seem like we're on a plateau to the casual observer. Don't let others discourage you in your progress. Keep doing your best, keep learning, keep changing and some day the rest of the world will see what you've already known for a long time. :)

(Have you noticed how much more I've been blogging lately? Coffee apparently makes me more productive but also gets my thoughts more focused AND makes me want to be more social. Three cheers for coffee!)

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