Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Nail polish haul

I went to Walgreens today and of course they finally have some of the new Sinful Colors. I refuse to pay full price though so hopefully my store will still have them next time there's a ninety nine cents sale happening. My next stop was Family Dollar. I normally don't bother even looking at their nail polish because my store always just has the same old few polishes. But today I just happened to look and they had LA Colors polish on clearance for eighty cents a bottle so I decided to get these two glitters.

I got Fruity which looks to be a pink gel base with pink, green and yellow hex glitters. I also got Confetti which is supposed to be a clear polish with red, blue and white glitters. It dried kind of matte looking on my swatch stick so I'll have to try this some time to see if it just dried goofy, reacted with the plastic oddly or maybe I got a bad batch and that's why it was on clearance. 

Regardless not a bad find for two polishes which are now unique to my collection.

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