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Waltz Dance, Volume 1 - Beginning Waltz Dance by DanceCrazy Review + Giveaway

I was provided with this product in exchange for an honest review. Sponsored giveaway.
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Today I have another dance DVD and giveaway for you thanks to DanceCrazy.com. The DVD I'm reviewing this time is Beginner's Waltz Volume 1.

Product Description
Learn to Dance the Waltz! This DVD teaches the very basics of how to dance the waltz. We include a complete breakdown and detailed instruction for men and women, including dancing to the music, and essential tips for success on the dance floor. Waltz your way to grace, style, and confidence with the help of two friendly and accomplished instructors. You'll learn the essential components of this beautiful dance, such as Rise and Fall, Sway, and Footwork, as well as exploring steps that will showcase your dancing and help you gain the poise to shine on the dance floor! Explore the gorgeous movements that made Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers dance icons and then incorporate that fluidity into your own steps. You learn everything from the Box Step to the Twinkle and more, all while having a great time! Alison and Eldon will expertly guide you through a wide variety of patterns, while supplying you with plenty of helpful tips and suggestions along the way. You'll be ready to Waltz at your next event with assurance and elegance. We'll see you on the dance floor... 

About DancyCrazy.com
DanceCrazy.com is one of the world's premier dancing websites. Founded in 1996, as SalsaCrazy.com, DanceCrazy was born of a passion to dance, and a desire to show others how fantastic dancing can be. As our first instructor told us, "It will change your life". Give dancing a try, and you'll find a vibrant world of fantastic people, exciting nightlife, and perhaps a side of yourself you've always wanted to free. We've created these high quality DVDs to showcase how easy and fun dancing can be, and to prove that you (yes, YOU), can do it too! With exciting music, a rich history, and unbeatable, intoxicating, rhythms, you will learn to dance. We guarantee it! 

Before I begin my review, let me introduce you to my dance partner! My boyfriend doesn't like to dance (I know, what's wrong with him?) so for the purpose of trying out these DVDs, I have found a somewhat suitable replacement.

My teddy bear :) Hey, don't knock it.. it works!
(... and I refrained from being silly and adding a Care Bear mark to his belly in this picture :P)

Before watching and dancing along to this video, I had absolutely no experience with waltz aside from what I've seen in movies. I knew there was a strong element of etiquette and properness to this dance but I was still surprised to find a large chunk of the DVD focused around proper waltz etiquette. I found this portion of the DVD incredibly amusing. If my readers haven't noticed by now, I am not one to follow along with the normal rules of society. Reviewing this DVD has definitely reminded me I am too much of a rebel to be dancing the waltz in high society any time soon.

Regardless, I did enjoy the DVD. I found waltz more difficult and challenging than other dances which is probably just what I need. There is a lot more to think about with all of the rising and swaying. The heel to toe movements adds some difficulty to this dance which I hadn't expected, and I found it gave a pretty good workout on my weak ankles. I also found it very interesting to learn about the different kinds of waltz.

This DVD is similar to their other DVDs, so some of the things I mentioned in my Swing review apply here as well, as far as the chapter selection goes.

The instructions are clear, and I feel fairly easy for beginners to follow along. If you're not very coordinated as I am, you may have to skip back a few times to review instructions a few times until you get the hang of it. (I did!)


Winner will be selected on December 31, 2014. Shipment date is set for January 1, 2015.

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