Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Patented Contoured Sleep Mask Review

I was provided with this product in exchange for an honest review.

Sleep is so very vital for our health, and as a long time insomniac I know how difficult it can be to function without enough of it. Today I'm reviewing a product which will help with that!

(Ironically, I've been awake since about 4 AM, probably because I forgot to put this on last night! Oops :P)

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Our patented Sleep Mask is specially designed with deeply molded cups that curve away from eyes and eyelashes for rub-free comfort. This mask blocks out light and visual stimuli, while contouring to your face and eyelids for comfortable and uninterrupted sleep! Enjoy a night of deep, luxurious sleep. Sweet dreams!

SLEEP DEEPLY ANYWHERE, ANYTIME. Pull out this incredibly lightweight, comfortable sleep mask anywhere - in a bed, on a flight, on a long car ride, while camping - and enjoy uninterrupted, deep, restful sleep.

SLEEP LONGER IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. Exposure to light during sleep interferes with your sleep cycle, preventing you from the long and deep night's rest you need to function at your best. Our patented Sleep Mask mask completely blocks out all light and visual stimuli so you can nap or sleep soundly anywhere. Sleeping with this mask is like having your own personal mobile black-out curtains.

WAKE UP FEELING AND LOOKING REFRESHED. Using advanced ergonomics, this sleep mask uniquely contours to your face and eyelids for maximum sleeping comfort. Look and feel well-rested, refreshed, and energetic.

BLINK FREELY. Our Sleep mask is specially designed with deeply molded cups that curve away from eyes and eyelashes for rub-free comfort. The mask will keep your eyes shielded from light without smudging eye make-up or compressing your face, eyelids, and eyelashes while you sleep.

SLEEPING BLISS. New and advanced, this lightweight, contoured mask is the best sleep mask on the market and will leave you more rested than ever before. With the Deep Rest Sleep Mask, you can find your sleeping bliss every night (especially helpful while traveling, camping, and napping or if your partner or watches TV in bed).


I was excited to try out this sleep mask because I know sleep masks are often recommended for those with insomnia but also headache sufferers. I'm surprised I hadn't tried one of these up until now, actually.  I'm typically the insomniac who can get to sleep just fine, but come about 4 or 5 AM, I am often wide awake - hours before I should be. Almost the entire month of November I was averaging 5 - 6 hours of sleep which apparently is typically enough for me as long as I have a few days of 8 or 9 hours of sleep mixed in there. Last month, I didn't. It took awhile before I started feeling the effects of not getting enough sleep - fogging thinking, low energy instead of the increased energy I had been feeling.

Then I got this mask for review. Almost immediately I noticed the quality of my sleep had improved - I wasn't waking up ten times during the night. Most nights I was sleeping through the night without waking up at all or maybe only once or twice. Eventually, I started sleeping longer as well - 7, 8, 9 hours. For me that almost seems to be too much sleep, but my body definitely needed it and appreciated the extra hours of rest. I should have thought to take some pictures before hand, but I do believe the dark circles under my eyes have faded (hurray!)

(image source: Tomoson.com)

As described, this mask is very light weight - lighter than I expected. With my headache disorder, I typically hate having anything touch my head at all but I didn't find that a problem with this. I did have to keep the mask a little bit looser to achieve my level of comfort but otherwise no problem. I have a tendency to rid myself of excessive clothing while I'm sleeping (namely socks) so most mornings I did wake up and this was no longer on my head, but regardless I still slept better.

This mask does a very good job of blocking out light, although it doesn't fit to my face perfectly. There is a bit of a gap around my nose area which lets in some light but not really enough to be bothersome. I wish I would have thought to buy this when I was trying to sleep on night shift the past few years. It definitely would have come in handy then.

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