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50 Things to Know About Make-Up and Fashion: Tips from a Makeup Artist Review

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Have you ever put a makeup that doesn’t suit you?
Have you ever thought that which fashion trend will make you look presentable and which will make you look disastrous?
Have you ever tried a makeup and fashion trend that seems odd but when you have tried it, you look gorgeous?

50 Things to Know about Make-Up and Fashion: Tips from a Makeup Artist by Mehreen Khan offers some interesting tips and helpful data through which you can get a gorgeous as well as trendy look.
Most books on makeup and fashion tell you about what should you wear and try but they will never aware you with the things that you must try and how you must try, so that they look trendy on you.

Although there's nothing wrong with that, there are some other things that you should know in order to accomplish your goal.

Based on knowledge from some of the biggest experts of the fashion an makeup industry

In these pages you'll discover tips and tricks that you can do in order for you to accomplish your goal to have a trendy and glamorous look by wearing an something that looks great on you.

This book will help you avoid all the disastrous makeup and fashion trends and will also let you know that how to wear the makeup to make it look appealing.

By the time you finish this book, you will know some to the fashion and makeup tips which have been jotted down by some of the famous fashion designers and makeup artists.  

I hate giving bad reviews, I really do. However, I simply cannot recommend this book. Before I get into the nit and grit of why, here are a few simple reasons:

The "tips" make up about 27% of this book. The rest is all promotional material to try to get you to buy more of these books.

The grammar and English are absolutely horrible.

Many of the tips flat out contradict each other.

There are a few helpful tips but they have no real information about actual application, making the tips pretty much useless.

I had expected a lot out of this book. The blurb sounded good, and as someone who has struggled with getting her eye make-up correct for years, I had high hopes. As an aspiring author, I find this book incredibly insulting. Writing is incredibly difficult work when done correctly. This book reads as if someone just Googled fashion tips, hunted down a few tips from blogs and slapped them all together.

Half of the "tips" are entirely a matter of personal preference or a matter of what society says is currently acceptable.

What gets me the most about this book is there is a lot of damaging information within. With quotes like "She must wear a perfect makeup and should follow the latest fashion trends to look trendy" I knew this book was going to be a waste of time as soon as I started reading it. It is this kind of thinking which has manipulated the mindset of so many women and men and done so much damage. Why I have a problem with this quote in particular:

There is no such thing as perfect. Trying to achieve a level of perfection is a form of insanity in itself. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to do your best and look your best. The issue I take is when people start saying you have to look and act perfect - an impossibility.

So much of fashion and makeup is just a personal preference. If you start looking at the fashion industry and seeing what is trendy, it can be very damaging. Unless you look at it objectively, it can be really self harming. For instance: what if the current fashion trend was to wear all black? Few people can actually get away with wearing all black, contrary to the misconception that says black makes all women look thinner. Don't believe me? Take someone who is full of energy, a ray of sunshine.. the life of the party. Dress them in black and see how they do. Odds are, I bet they're automatically going to be more depressed and less energetic, and therefore look awful. I can say this with all certainty because I myself am the opposite. If I wear anything other than black (or other dark colors) odds are, I'm going to feel miserable and therefore I won't look my best.

If there is one truth I know about the fashion industry it is just that: an industry. The whole point of it is to try to make money. The only way they can do that is by changing what's new and trendy constantly.

Healthy and beautiful women do not compare themselves to others. They don't follow what everyone else is doing, they stay true to themselves. In doing so, their natural beauty comes across and in turn they so often are the ones to create the trends instead of following them. My advice: don't read this book, stay true to yourself and if you need hints or suggestions or even some inspiration, then you might want to see what other women do. Just make sure to be true to yourself and not stick to some idea of beauty because some "expert" decided that's what beauty looks like. What the fashion industry decides is beauty today is going to change in about 5 minutes, anyway.

(The very last tip in this book? be unique. I am now bashing my head against the wall.)

I will end this with a quote, one of my favorites from Cindy Crawford no less:
I wish I looked like Cindy Crawford.

The fashion industry is an illusion. Break out of the illusion and you're on your way to being healthy, happier and more beautiful.

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