Friday, October 10, 2014

KKCenterHk review: N.NAIL Halloween Lovely Black Cat Bat Pumpkin Ghost [NNAIL-WDHHK066]

I received this products in exchange for an honest review.

It's that time of year again.. time to start the Halloween manicures! KKCenterHk has some really great water decals and it's kind of become a tradition for me to review them for Halloween each year. This year is no exception and I have to sets to review for you this year. I'll get started with the first set today.

This set is N.NAIL Halloween Lovely Black Cat Bat Pumpkin Ghost and it is item number [NNAIL-WDHHK066]. For those who have never worked with water decals, just a reminder that these are not sticky. You cut out the pieces of the image, soak it in water for a few seconds and then apply it to your nail, then top coat it. Easy!

I don't think you can see it in the picture, but one of the things I disliked about these is that some of the images are white. Naturally, white on white backing was absolutely difficult to see. I love how it looks on my nails, but just on the packaging it did make it that tad bit difficult. I almost wish they would have used a glow in the dark green or something, just a little bit off white instead of white for the decals. Or like a black border around the image that you could cut away. Something.

Otherwise, I found these decals to be super cute and I can't wait to show them to my 7 year old niece because I know she'll love them.

For this manicure I started with 2 coats of Zoya Gemma, which Zoya describes as: "Light muted olive green with an overlay of blue and violet duochrome shimmer.Unique, hip and cutting-edge yet subtle enough to suit any wardrobe." Personally, I felt this was an awesome color for this time of the year as it has a nice greyness to it, and just the right shade of green to make it a nice spooky color. The shimmer is gorgeous but Mike thought it could do with just a touch of purple glitter so I thought Julep Brooke would be perfect.

I topped this with Fantasy Makers Go With the Glow to give it a nice glow effect. I did have a little bit of an issue with Go With the Glow melting a couple of the decals. I actually had to redo one of my nails because of that. Otherwise, I had no issues with these.

I especially love the cats in this set. So cute :)

Here's my nails directly under the black light. This glowed like super crazy, though you can't really tell from the picture. The overall effect looks pretty neat, I think!

 If you're interested, you can pick up these decals here for $3.80 but don't forget to use my discount code for 10% off of that! :)

Use code GETFANCY at checkout for a 10% discount. 

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  1. beautiful Halloween design :)
    These water decals are so cute...