Friday, September 19, 2014

Pet spam!

I have nothing to disclose.

I was going to do some Pokemon nail art this week but then I got really busy and just never felt like painting my nails. So unfortunately I've had naked nails all week and have nothing to show you. Tomorrow is my gerbils' 1st birthday, and I haven't posted any pet pictures in awhile so I thought today would be a good chance to spam you with some cuteness :D

Mister Green Nose.
(Its lint from his hammock.)

Being hot and pathetic..

speaking of, it was hot so naturally Pikachu was climbing all over Marvin.

 (Yes, we know you're a little jerk, Pika. Poor Marvin.)

 Happy almost birthday Marvin & Pikachu!!!!

Now, moving on to cuter things, here is Mister Fancy Pants himself, Winslow!

We were dog sitting for a couple of days and Winslow was NOT happy.

This is one of a handful of places Winslow resides 95% of the time. I swear all that cat does is sleep.

"I am much to fancy to waste my time with the likes of you." Or maybe that's his "Leave me alone, I'm sleeping" face. I don't know.

He hates baths, I know that much!

He does like to play. Sometimes.

Well, I guess that's it for today! Seems like I should have more pictures to share with you... some other time, I suppose! Thanks for reading & I'll be back with more manicures soon :)

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