Thursday, July 10, 2014

What I wore to the car show... and meet Winslow!

I have nothing to disclose.

 About 2 weeks ago we went to a car show so I decided to do my nails of course. I picked out something super bright, Chrome Girl Bed Head Blue. I decided it was a good chance to be out in the sun and try out my Jior Couture Pineapple Cooler once again.

This was a gorgeous combination but it was just too bright for me, too solid. So of course I had to mix it up. Here's one last look at this pretty combo. This is two coats of Bed Head Blue, and I do want to mention that it stained horribly :P

To nuke the brightness, I applied OPI Black Spotted. I was pretty happy with the effect. But of course that meant that I killed the Pineapple Cooler effect so I had to top it again. Can't say I really noticed my nails turning color in the sun :(

 I did one more thing with this manicure but I think I'm going to save that for another post...

I also wanted to introduce you guys to our new cat, Winslow! He's a seal point something or other :P He obviously has some Siamese in him. I think he might be Balinese, which is basically a long haired Siamese. Or he might just be some kind of mix, we're not certain. Anyway, he's very sweet, very affectionate.

 He's a little fluffball, as you can see :) He's the oddest cat because we got him and he walked right in and acted like he was home. He needed absolutely no adjustment time to get used to us. He spent most of the first day sitting on my lap. He needs a lot of attention and actually wakes us up throughout the night for midnight petting. He bites gently when he wants petted, and likes licking faces (and Mike's eyeball - haha! - and Mike just came in and told me he thinks Winslow bites because he's trying to nurse off of us. could be! goofy cat.) He's scared of fireworks but likes thunderstorms, which is just weird to me. I can't imagine why he likes the sound of one but not the other. He's a goofy cat, but Siamese tend to be smarter than your average cat so I suppose he knows the difference.

 I guess that's it for today - but guess what!! I have an interview tomorrow so wish me luck :) I'm still trying to figure out what to put on my nails :P

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