Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Great Polish Giveaway 2014

If you haven't seen it yet,Nail Polish Canada is having an insanely awesome giveaway.

One winner will take home up to 200 nail polish from over 10 different brands! The prize started at zero, then bloggers can each pick a favorite shade to be added to the prize.

You can enter here. You can also enter once on each blog that adds a shade to the prize, so you can enter my giveaway below.

I nominated Color Club Beyond, because everyone needs a gorgeous black holo! I've used this polish a couple of times now for different manicures. First, when playing with an old Sally Hanson Nail Prism.

Then again, I used it with some layering in my fox rhinestone manicure.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to everyone and thanks to the amazing sponsors, Cirque Colors, NCLA and Picture Polish, and of course thanks to Nail Polish Canada and all of the other bloggers who are helping promote this and adding to the winnings!


  1. Can the prize be just 200 bottles of this? ;D

    1. LOL even I think that might be a bit too much! ;)

  2. I love that fox. Where on earth did you find him?

    1. Born Pretty Store. they have a bunch of different ones.