Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nail art spun sugar graffiti

I have nothing to disclose.

 So I'm like really really behind on my posts, what with both of us looking for jobs and whatnot. I have a couple of book reviews coming up this week but first here's what I wore for the 4th of July. I didn't feel like doing anything special so I just wore Chrome Girl Midnight Madness.

Sorry about the blurriness, not sure what's the deal with my camera lately.. may need to clean the lens again!

I love this color, it's just so pretty and absolutely me. So the next day I had watched +Narmai Nan's spun sugar video and I decided to try that technique out once again. AKA I decided to make a mess on my nails :P

I used: Chrome Girl Bed Head Blue, Shany nail art polishes 07 and 09, Kleancolor Neon Green and Jior Couture Raspberry Lemon Slush.

Yup, I accidentally made an almost Christmas themed spun sugar mani while also making a big mess. Oh well, that's me.

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