Friday, June 6, 2014

Review: KKCenterHk full nail water decals

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

I'm back with another KKCenterHk review for you all today. I've loved the water decals I've received from KKCenterHk in the past, and this time I thought I would try out their full nail decals. I figured they had to be better than the numerous foils I've tried in the past, right?

I picked out ANE-NAIL 12 Pcs Flowerage/Flower Transfer Sticker & Files #2014 [ANE-2014] because I thought the design looked really pretty.

Here's the directions from the back of the packaging. Looks pretty simple, right? Well, here's my first complaint. The directions claim this came with a smoothing tool, aka cuticle (yes, that's how you spell it, not cutical) stick. No, it came with a nail file. This was helpful of course because I did have to use the file to file these off at the end. But no smoothing stick so I just used my finger. I really didn't think I needed the smoothing stick afterall, these applied easily enough because they're made out of real polish.

 I want to say it took about an hour to apply these, just because - oh yeah, these are decals! which meant no sticky glue to hold onto my nails while I tried to place them. I thought about trying to use base coat to hold them down, but I discovered my top coat did melt these some what. I'm not really sure how they would react with the basecoat so I didn't try it. If you will note, these are supposed to last 1 - 2 days without top coat, 7 days with top coat.

So these weren't terrible in applying but time wise, I would have rather applied nail polish. Here's how they looked when I was finished. You can see a little bit how these dissolved with my top coat if you look at my pinkie and index fingers.

Here is my manicure about 5 hours later.

 So... 7 days with top coat? Nope, not happening! Needless to say I was not happy once I saw this starting to chip after about an hour. 2 days later I finally took this completely off but by that time, half of my nails were already missing the decals. On the plus side, these did clean up really easily, no problems removing them. Just simple acetone took it off with no mess.

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