Thursday, March 13, 2014

KKCenterHk N.Nail Noble Black Lace Flower Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E32]

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

KKCenterHk provided me with some more nail foil to sample, and this one I think is pretty unique. Most of their other foils look like, well, foil. This one though has a pretty black lace pattern stamped on it, which I have to say is absolutely awesome. This foil was so much fun to work with, and so easy. I really hope they will make more of these because I can see it as a quick and fun replacement to stamping. It's a lot easier in my mind than stamping although not as flexible, I suppose.

You can get great results with this foil, which is perfect for a beginner who doesn't really know much about nail art or stamping, so for them I think it would be perfect. For people like me, who just don't have the skill level or patience to try to do something like this by hand or with stamping, it's just as perfect. To say I'm happy with the results is obviously an understatement.

This is item number N.Nail Noble Black Lace Flower Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E32] which you can find on their Web site here.

I decided to test this out over Jade Mystic Gold, a gold holo polish which I showed you yesterday. I wanted to see if the glue would dull down the holo effect at all (it didn't) and I thought it would look pretty amazing shining through the lace effect of this foil (it did, I think! you be the judge!)

The only issue I had with this foil is that you can't really tell just by looking at it which side is the correct side. Both sides look the same to me :P I found that the inner coil was the side you place down, while the side that faces outside the roll is the side you want facing up. Hopefully that makes sense.

Here you can see the pattern a little better as the image was taken a bit in the shade.

Oh, also I should mention that a few times little pieces of the image didn't take to my nail, but to me that wasn't a big deal. Some of the images on this foil are quite big also which would be great if you have long nails but since mine keep breaking I couldn't fit much of some of the images on my nails. I think it still turned out great regardless.

I'm going to keep my eyes out for more foils like this, and I'm sure you'll be seeing this one on my blog again. Like this look? Let me know!

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