Friday, March 7, 2014

Chrome Girl Pleasure Treasure fuzzy nails

I won or was gifted some of these items. Some I purchased.

Today I have another manicure I did awhile ago. This one was inspired by a purple fuzzy sweater I've owned for about 13 years. So of course what's it going to be today? Fuzzy nails of course!

I started out with 1 coat of Chrome Girl Pleasure Treasure which is a nice medium purple color. It doesn't quite cover enough with one coat, but for this manicure that was fine. As you can see it's a little thin but I'm sure it would be perfect at two coats.

+Narmai Nan had sent me some flocking powder so I used it with this manicure.
This stuff is really pretty and cool because it has 3 different colors mixed in which makes for a neat effect. Unfortunately it also seems to be a lot more fine than the stuff I'm used to working with so it didn't quite cover as nicely as I had hoped. Next time I guess I'll have to use twice as much!

Here's a closeup along with my purple fuzzy sweater which for some odd reason looks blue :P

Nope, didn't quite cover enough but it still looked pretty neat for a day or so. Once most of the fuzzies wore off, I applied one coat of Julep Sabrina, which is a metallic crackle. I didn't get any good pictures of this in the dark, but with little light this looks absolutely gorgeous. Sabrina almost looks copper or bronzish against the purple and the combination of colors would be absolutely perfect for Halloween. I'll definitely be playing around with Sabrina again come Halloween season.
(Please pardon the mess... don't know why I didn't do cleanup :P)

I know, I know... everyone except me hates crackle. I don't care. I still love it to death :P

So, not the perfect manicures here but I got some good ideas from playing around. Once I get low on some of my flocking powders, I'm definitely going to combine some of them to see if I can't mix them and make some more pretties :)
(or I could just do it before I run low, huh? haha.)

Thanks for reading!

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