Saturday, June 22, 2013

What I wore for Sidney..

This post contains a press sample.

 Somehow it's been a week already since Sidney died, and I woke up this morning crying and thinking about him. I still miss him terribly, but I still feel a ton of guilt and worry over thinking that I may have done something wrong. Rationally I know that he was old, and that he also showed signs of kidney failure before he even came into our home but that really doesn't help.

So anyway, on that note I have one last manicure to show you today featuring Jior Couture Vét Olografik and this is the manicure I did just after Sidney passed. In his honor, I took Kleancolor Black and painted over all of my nails black, let them dry a tiny bit and then used some polish remover to get an acid wash look.

I really loved how this turned out. I know some people may not be fond of the acid wash look, but it's still one of my favorites to do!

In regards to the pigment issue, Sacha wrote me back and I wanted to share what she wrote with you all:

"I'm sorry the application of Vet olografik was not smooth.
I will look into it, I believe it was the the new pigment. I truly apologize for you getting a bad lacquer.  I try my very best to put out the best and it displeases me for anyone to receive a bad lacquer.
I appreciate the honest review as this helps me move forward to create better products."

She also asked me to review for her again, yay!!! I'm looking forward to it. Thanks Sacha!

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