Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jior Couture Vét Olografik

Press sample.

Warning: Lots of photos!

Today I have a polish from an indie company called Jior Couture to share with you. Vét Olografik is a green holo polish from the Hispaniola Summer Love collection.

Let me show you the packaging since this seems to be so important to a lot of people. I think it was nicely done.

 In addition to Vét Olografik, Sacha provided me with a base coat and top coat to try out which I felt was pretty generous of her. I was very impressed with these. I had no problems with the base coat and the top coat dried very quickly, faster than some of my fast drying top coats!

Vét Olografik is a really gorgeous green scattered holo. I definitely did not have anything else like it in my collection so I'm delighted to add this beauty. The formula was a little tricky to work with because I did have quite a few clumps of pigment. Holding the bottle upside down for a few minutes, and rolling it on its side did help but it didn't get rid of all of the clumps. Fortunately after 2 coats of Vét Olografik and 1 coat of the top coat, the majority of the pigment is barely noticeable.

I used the Jior Couture top coat on all nails except for the accents, which I used NYC Matte Me Crazy just to see how this looked matted. 

edit: I forgot to mention, I did get a bit "smurfed" when removing this, but simply using acetone and working quickly to remove it was enough to keep from getting stained. 

Flash photos: 

You can see here a little bit of a clump on my ring finger, but no big deal. You can also see this polish is fairly sheer.

Indoors, no flash: 

 Sorry for the blurry nature of this photo. It's the only photo I have which shows just how much darker this polish is in lower light conditions. It is a very pretty grassy green in low light.

Outdoors photos:

Yes I took a lot of photos.. I hope you can see how pretty this polish is! I don't think Jior Couture gets nearly enough attention. I really hope I get the chance to review more of their polishes.

The Hispaniola Summer Love polishes glow under black light! Unfortunately, with everything going on with Sidney, I completely forgot that so I don't have any pictures for you. I will definitely do something with this polish again soon and get some black light photos to show you. In the meantime, I'll have some nail art pictures to share in my next post or two!

Jior Couture polishes are available for $3.50 - $4 for .17 fl/oz 5mL. Some of the Hispaniola Summer Love polishes are still available, as are some sweet treats in her Bakery and Drink Bar collections. Some of those colors look awfully pretty!

Thanks to Sacha for providing me with these samples.

What do you think of Vét Olografik? Have you tried Jior Couture?


In regards to the pigment issue, Sacha wrote me back and I wanted to share what she wrote with you all:

"I'm sorry the application of Vet olografik was not smooth.
I will look into it, I believe it was the the new pigment. I truly apologize for you getting a bad lacquer.  I try my very best to put out the best and it displeases me for anyone to receive a bad lacquer.
I appreciate the honest review as this helps me move forward to create better products."


  1. Those clumps of pigment are a bit of an eye sore for me, but that could be because of my own bad experience with clumping polish from she-who-shall-not-be-named. I agree that the color is very pretty!

    1. I know, clumps bug me too. They really weren't too terrible after I applied the second coat and top coat. I know they're pretty obvious in the pictures, but it really isn't that noticeable in person.