Friday, May 10, 2013

Nail Mail!

I have nothing to disclose. All items were prizes provided by Cosmetish.

I received one of my giveaway prizes today! This was part of a collab giveaway and I was lucky enough to win Tish's prize! Here's what I got.

These are my first scented polishes and I've gotta say, even I with little to no sense of smell can smell these. The pink one, called Sugar Glaze, reminds me of bubble gum. The mint one, called Mint Gelato, is similar to a couple of polishes I own but thankfully not quite a dupe! I'm not sure if I can really smell it, I'll have to do a full manicure some day and try it out.

Revlon Sugar Glaze and Mint Gelato

I also won a little sample set of Coastal Scents eyeshadow,  CoverGirl Lipslicks, some spacers and Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye primer.

Here's a swatch of my other pretties: from left to right:
CoverGirl Lipslicks Princess (which I'm currently wearing and I've gotta say it's weird to be wearing something other than lip gloss for a change but good weird!)
Coastal Scents Hollywood Cerise, Light Plum,  Deep Merlot, Tea Rose Pink (which you can't really see but it's almost on my knuckles.)

Here's another look because I'm a dork and originally uploaded the wrong pic.

Thanks again to Tish for these awesome prizes! I'll definitely be trying out the primer and the shadows next time I makeup my face :)

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