Monday, May 20, 2013

Nail mail from Polished Cousins and Essie!

The items listed in this post are giveaway prizes or samples.

 On May 14 I won a giveaway over at Polished Cousins, and I received the prize on the 18th! Talk about fast shipping! Wow thank you Cousins! I won 12 Sation polishes, wow! I had never even heard of Sation until I started blogging so I'm excited to try these out. I'll definitely be doing something with some of these soon. I expected these to be mostly cremes and I was in for a surprise.

edit: I totally forgot to mention that with these I now have 300+ polishes!

C: Stirring Silver
D: Seriously Slate
E: Paint Some Sugar on Me
F: Chocolate Chip Resistant
G: I'm So Ogre It
H: Super Nail-tural Powers
I: Queenie In A Bottle
J: Trench Coat
K: Strawberries
L: Electrical Storm
M: Midnight Blue
N: Blue Sky's the Limit

Just from the swatches, I think Queenie In A Bottle (bright pink satin almost matte), Trench Coat (light pink shimmer with silver glitter) and Midnight Blue (metallic blue) are my favorites but I can't wait to try them all.

I also won these pretty earrings which I'm not sure what to do with yet since I can't wear earrings. Thinking about getting some pierced ear protectors to try it at some point in time - I think it's the only thing I haven't tried yet. Otherwise, I'll probably just give them away as a gift :)

I also received my Essie cuticle oil sample which I just wanted to mention so others will know they're being sent out! (With a sneak peak of my manicure from last week :P)

Thanks again to both Essie and the Polished Cousins!


  1. Wow! Absolute nail WIN! Your stash is growing fast this way, that's great! I'd love to see another honest review about the Sation polishes, I don't think we have them here but I'm curious to read what you think.

    I don't wear earrings either. I'd try to bend the wire up and then into a loop, so you can hang them on a bracelet as charms. I've done that with a couple of my mom's old earrings, she doesn't wear them anymore.

    I read about the Essie sample that is was smaller than expected and not easy to get out of the package. But hey, it's free right?

    1. I can certainly do that at some point in time! I'm really excited to try them out so I'll probably do so in 2 weeks!

      That might be an idea.. the backs on the earrings are pretty short though so I'm not sure that would work. Great idea for any future earrings I may win. I really wish I could wear these as they are so pretty. Hate being allergic to metal!

      I'm not sure Essie made it clear this was just a sample they were giving away.. I think a lot of people expected full size samples or at least small bottles. I haven't tried mine out yet so I'm kind of nervous about opening it now! But yes, it's free so I won't complain :)