Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Short update and today's big win

This is going to be short... I've felt a big migraine coming on for awhile now and today it finally landed. I can barely move without getting dizzy or wanting to vomit or stand or sit for too long before needing to lay back down. I wasn't going to go near a computer today, but I just happened to check Facebook on my phone and I saw that I had gotten a message from April that I had won Polish Hideout's giveaway.

This is the one giveaway I've seen recently which I just really wanted to win so I am beyond ecstatic.
Here's what I won:

Yun picked these two polishes up while she was in Stockholm; by her sources, they cannot be bought in the US. Next to my love of polish is my love of genealogy, and family history in general. In fact, just Sunday I took a break from blogging and spent the day doing some genealogy. I've traced parts of my lineage back over 2000 years so it's pretty tricky stuff, very challenging and very confusing at times. I am my family's genealogist and general family history record keeper. A job I feel I've been neglecting recently, so I'll probably be spending more time on that and less time on this blog once I'm feeling better. Anyway, I am part Swedish so it's just so cool that I won a little piece of Sweden. I'm very, very excited.

Thank you, Yun for this amazing chance and really amazing prize. I can't wait to get them :)

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  1. It's so cool that you won these! Congratulations ;-)