Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nail mail!

Yesterday I woke up 3 hours early, wide awake and just could not get back to sleep. Since I'm on 3rd shift, this means I woke up at 5 PM, which would be about 5 AM for most regular people. While I was up, I decided to check my mail. Oh I'm so glad I did, except I was so excited about what I got that I couldn't get back to sleep :b I kept getting up again to look at my goodies. For some silly reason, I had this fear that I wasn't going to receive this package for whatever reason so I'm ecstatic that I did... and I was even more excited to get it, and read the return address as a town I recognize.. from my home state! I moved from Ohio to Wisconsin a few years ago and I still get homesick sometimes, so getting Ohio nail mail really made my day. Thank you, Jodi! :)

Here's what I received! All of these are my winnings from Nail Polish Adventure's super awesome first giveaway.

Donna Michelle Salon Basics 8 mini bottles nail art fish egg beads. I have a silly question about these. I've never used them, so what's the easiest way to take them off? Is there any way to save them for future use? You know me, gotta be frugal and reuse when I can :) My boyfriend seemed quite curious about these.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects 150 Groove. I've never seen a package of these in real life so if you didn't know, it comes with a cuticle stick, mini file and buffer, how cool is that?

Kiss Nail Dress in a leopard print. These are really pretty in real life.. I didn't realize, but they actually have a gold glitter to them. Very pretty. It also comes with a nail file, which is nice.

Revlon Top Speed Guava and Cloud. Cloud looks awfully similar to Julep Renee in the bottle, so I'm going to have to try those two out together some time and see how close they are. I haven't had any new Revlon in years, so putting aside all of the recent Revlon / Sinful Colors drama, I'm pretty excited to try these out.

Last of all is what I was really excited about getting: my first Ulta polishes! The Lust in Lace mini collection looks so pretty from the swatches I've seen, I can't wait to try these. Black base / dark color polishes are my favorites and I've been wanting some more.. these look so pretty!

All of these products and or brands are completely new to me, so I will definitely be testing them out in the future and sharing them with you.. I can't wait! Thank you again Jodi for such an awesome prize!


  1. They might be if you pick them off one by one. In that case I am thinking the color will be pulled off and you will have to remove the rest of the color leaving you with silver balls. I did one nail and there was no way I was going to be able to save them because I tried to put top coat over them...don't do that! To USE them, I used muffin cups, I poured the beads into one and then held my finger over the other cup while I poured them over the wet polish. Then because I am crazy and kinda OCD I filled in the bare spots by pushing beads around and putting beads into the holes. I think to remove them I would just flick off the balls and remove the polish like regular. Oh and I'm the same way, I will save fimo slices I use if they come off polish free!

    1. thanks Chandi! don't they fall off without the top coat, though? I love silver so I'm not worried about losing the color of the balls :)