Thursday, October 20, 2016

Don't toss those old polishes yet

I was looking at some of my old polishes and trying to revive one using thinner when I figured out a pretty nifty trick I thought I'd share. 

I keep hearing about how much people hate texture polishes which inspired me to use OPI Stay the Night yesterday. I love this polish by itself because it's a beautiful black with red glitters. My hair is currently black and red so it seemed fitting. 

Anyway I was trying to thin out one of my gold Kleancolor minis and it just was not happening. I swear I'll never buy minis again because they just clump up on me. I forget right now which polish this one is. I'm thinking maybe Golddigger. It's a jelly base with gold and holo glitters with the random silver holo glitter tossed in. 

I decided to try applying it to my nails despite it thinning out. I found that if I dab the polish on my nails the texture grabs some of the polish. Since it's already textured the polish doesn't have to apply smoothly. Just make sure to dab it. If you try to apply normally it won't come out right. 

So now I have a good use of my old junk polishes. I'll have to experiment more but this seems like such a good way to use those old polishes while adding some sparkle to your textured manicure. 

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