Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kahuna pocket blanket

I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 

I'm back! Yes I realize it's been forever and a day since I posted last. My husband started working third shift again so I've needed some time to get adjusted to that schedule once again. Plus a handful of small emergencies - have I mentioned this has been the worst year?
So here I am back with an oddball review but I have a ton of stuff lined up so I will definitely be busy. Oh yeah and I finally started making my family genealogy Web sites so I've been busy with that too. I'm excited to be working on that project as well. It's good to keep busy. Wouldn't you know it, I started writing this and our Internet service went down - for at least 5 hours! Comcast service has been really awful this past month or so. Of course, as soon as I started typing this it dropped off again. Urgh.

Anyway today I have the Kahuna pocket blanket for review. I had planned on going down to the beach to review this but third shift and a tree on our truck kind of changed those plans. 

KAHUNA POCKET BLANKET keeps you clean and dry. Whether you're at the beach, in the park or on the road, our ultra-compact outdoor blanket will be your new favourite companion. Designed with portability in mind, this ultra mini blanket is the perfect ground sheet for all occasions. 

The Biggest Small Blanket You've Ever Seen... 
Made of 100% waterproof nylon, our lightweight blanket provides 44x64 inches of space for you to spread out and stay sand free, clean and dry. Weighing less than half a pound and folding up to the size of a deck of cards, our travel blanket is ideal for all outdoor occasions. Use it for yoga or sun tanning, as a beach mat (sand free beach blanket), a picnic blanket waterproof camping tarp, a camping mat, beach sheet, travel blanket, or ground tarp at concerts and festivals. It's a handy all-around park blanket. 

Additional features include water repellent, puncture resistant, ripstop nylon construction, weighted corners for windy days, an integrated stuff sack, and nylon loops for securing it to the ground or hanging it as a sun shade. 

At less than half a pound and small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, packing this pocket size blanket for your next vacation is a no-brainer! Take the KAHUNA pocket beach and picnic blanket with you wherever you go so you'll be able to enjoy the outdoors and ALWAYS stay clean and dry! 


I've been looking for a nice blanket to use outdoors for awhile now. I really like the pocket blanket because it is very light and small enough that I could carry it around in my backpack or even a larger purse. The material is very thin - but I tested it to ensure it does not easily rip. It comes attached to a little bag which you use to fold up the blanket and store it in, which makes storage a bit easy, and I like that it has the velco strap to keep the bag shut. I was worried about being able to fold this back up and getting it to fit into the little bag but I was able to do so with very little effort and messily stuffing it back in. No problem there. 

(This is how it looks after I took it out of the bag, then folded it back up. Easy!)

The size is nice - I would say one larger adult could fit very comfortably stretched out or two adults could sit on this with legs crossed. It would make a nice blanket for kids. It has weights at the corners which help hold it down against the wind, which I really like. As the description states, it does also have loops so you can steak it down if necessary but I didn't need to do that.

This blanket comes in three different colors, so you do have a couple of options. There's blue, grey and red. I chose the grey which I was surprised because the bag is blue. In my picture you can see it's actually grey and blue. I tried getting a photo of my cat on the blanket for comparison but he decided to be camera shy.

I will definitely be keeping this blanket handy for last minute excursions. 
This blanket is $19.89 on Amazon. It is eligible for free shipping on order $49 on up.

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