Friday, February 5, 2016

Lalechka Ebook review

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I think it's very important to study history continuously and to share that history with others. Especially these days when we're only a few generations away from the World War II generation and yet we have so many people denying it happened. My great uncle was there. His wife was the other survivor in her family. I don't want to hear this nonsense that it never happened. With this in mind today I am reviewing a book based on the real stories of the people who lived through it.


An astonishing manifestation of loyalty and courageThe real story of a little girl born into the chaos of war and holocaust.
It’s a warm and muggy Saturday night in August of 1942. The Nazis are liquidating the ghetto of Shedlitz, an industrial town east of Warsaw, Poland. Zippa, a 27-year-old Jewish woman, finds temporary shelter in a small attic, together with her baby daughter and a hundred frightened Jews. When the Nazi noose is tightened around her neck, Zippa asks her husband Jacob, a Jewish policeman in the ghetto, to save their little girl from certain death. The young father manages to smuggle his wife and daughter to the gentile part of town, where Zippa’s childhood girlfriends Sophia and Irena reside.
This is the real story of one Jewish family confronted by the terror of Nazi rule. The book follows Lalechka, the little girl born into the chaos of war and holocaust and forced to struggle with the reversals of fortune that led her each time into foreign and terrifying regions. But, beyond that, it is the story of the true friendship of three girls in early 20th Century Poland, a friendship that won’t cower before government dictates. An astonishing manifestation of loyalty and courage.
This is Amira Keidar’s first novel, based on the journal written by the young mother during the annihilation of the ghetto, as well as on interviews with key figures in the story, rare documents and authentic letters.


I remember learning so much about what was going on in Germany during WWII so it was very interesting and educational to read from the perspective of the people of Poland. As much as I do know about the Holocaust there were many things I was unaware of or had forgotten over time. 

This book remains relevant because there are important lessons of warnings and tales of basic human survival. Even as I read and thought how difficult it was to believe many of these things happened one of the women in the book expressed this very concern. I will never understand how some of these horrific things happened. 

Lalechka is a heart wrenching story and I highly recommend it. 

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