Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chevron tape manicure

I'm finally getting around to showing you my manicure I did the week before last. Although I've been posting it all over social media so maybe some of you have seen it already. Though you don't know the details. 

I started with two coats of Pure Ice Home Run

On every other nail I applied one coat of a gorgeous polish I bought from Born Pretty Store. It's a duochrome water based strippable nail polish called Ators. I'll see if I can add in a clickable link later. I bought this polish in the color Shiny Blue

It's the polish on the right in this picture. 

I recently bought this chevron tape from Born Pretty Store and I really love it because you can do some really pretty manicures with very little effort. This tape is perfect for those of us who aren't so good at nail art.

This tape comes in a bunch of colors. I bought white because I was thinking maybe I could paint over it and use it that way. Not sure now if I need or want to. 

On the nails I painted with the duochrome I masked off my nails then painted another coat of Home Run. On top of that I painted a coat of Shany nail art number 11. On the other nails I masked them off and used Zoya Nyx. 

I wasn't fond of the color of Home Run but I really love this manicure. It really showed how you can take a color base and improve it with some nail art. 

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