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The HASEA Chronicles: ebook review

I received an Advanced Readers Copy version of this book when I reviewed book 1 in the series. I am not required to review this book, I am doing so because I enjoyed it.

Hello readers. So unfortunately I am sick yet again. It seems I've been getting sick every month this year or had some other issue. Anyway today I have two reviews for you and with my illness in mind hopefully I've managed to string together some semblance of sense. Enjoy. 

(The Corruption was previously titled The Veil: Corruption).

Book 2 in the bestselling Hasea Chronicles series. A thrilling mix of Urban Fantasy/SCI-FI and action.

It’s been six months since Alex and Gabriella stood against The Sorrow and won. The Veil still stands uncrossed, and with every passing day the possibility of finding the person stolen from Alex alive diminishes. But after an influx of new Awakenings, the Alliance is being stretched to breaking point. A melancholic Sophia is acting mysteriously and Sage Faru has set the formidable task of gathering a team of Guardians willing to enter Pandemonia. Meanwhile the looming threat of a new, stronger SOS hides in the shadows.

But that is the least of Alex’s worries.

Something is growing inside of him. Something dark and vengeful that whispers in the silence. Something that plagues his dreams with visions of a horrifying apocalypse.

An apocalypse he will start.

As Gabriella struggles to hold everything together and Alex struggles not to fall apart, one thing becomes clear. Before they can cross the Veil and stand against Hades, Alex must first defeat his greatest enemy. Himself.

(Chosen we rise - Allied we prevail)


I really enjoyed this book and I think it's my favorite in the series so far. Reading the scene in Brazil was probably my favorite part as I thought to myself, "this is the book I wish I could write." There was something magical and otherworldly about this scene I just loved and got lost in. Once again I could see parallels between this and the Harry Potter stories while at the same time there was something very comic book about the story but in a good way. I could easily see this being made into a movie at some point and in truth it would be fun to see it done. While an old favorite was killed off we are introduced to what has become a new personal favorite character.  I very much enjoyed The Corruption and would recommend it. 

Amazon: free for Kindle Unlimited or $4.99 for ebook; $15.75 for paperback

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

So one thing and another and I'm not quite done reading this but my review is due today so I'll update when I finish if needed. 

The Veil has finally been crossed.

Alex, Gabriella and the Guardians of Orion have arrived in Fenodara, a beautiful Luminar city that acts as the last beacon of hope for a dying civilisation - but also a place that hides a dark secret. Never before have they been so close to the Ageless War and witnessed the way it corrupts not only the fading world, but also those who live there.

Soon afterwards, a devastating attack on the city rips Orion apart. Broken and defeated, the Guardians are forced to separate and travel through the dark underbelly of Pandemonia in a desperate attempt to save those they love, and stop the forces of Hades before it is too late. However, the longer Alex spends in the dark and hostile world, the more a single fact becomes clear to him.

This is a journey they might never return from.

(Chosen we rise - Allied we prevail)

(Previously titled The Veil: Redemption)


It's been really interesting reading this series and seeing how Alex in particular has grown. I found it very eerie reading about the Guardians journey into Pandemonia and their experiences with such Communistic situations out of necessity. I was looking forward to seeing what this other world would be like and I wasn't disappointed. I was somewhat reminded of Richard's travels in Terry Goodkind's Faith of the Fallen but also of what I've seen of Frodo's LotR travels. The struggles the author captured are timeless and well written full of imagery. 

Amazon: free for Kindle Unlimited or $4.99

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