Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pure Garcinia/Cleanse ADVANCED Fast Weight Loss Kit and New Year goals

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

It's that time of the year where a lot of us are thinking about our goals and for a lot of us that includes losing weight or being healthier. I'm normally not in that club but I have been doing a lot of reflection on my habits over the past few months. For years I exercised and ate healthy and generally followed all of the guidelines the experts tell us to do to be healthy. While I did lose maybe a size or two I was also miserable and I wasn't feeling good. I was fatigued to the point that doing just a few dishes sometimes took hours. I was angry because I wasn't getting anywhere and I looked at everyone else and saw that when they were sick they were allowed to rest but I was expected to keep going. It got to the point that I was barely sleeping at night and I felt like I was going insane. Literally. Something had to change. So I did the unthinkable. I stopped exercising. 

I keep thinking about something from my childhood. My mom explained to me early on that in order to have energy you have to use energy. Common knowledge and yet even at that early age I couldn't wrap my mind around it because for me it simply wasn't true. The more I do the more tired I am plain and simple. I suspect I've been dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome most of my life which makes sense when you add in my chronic pain. To make it worse just about every time I've tried exercising throughout my life I only ended up getting sick. In short as I reflect on how I've felt over the past few years I think I've been dealing with Overtraining Syndrome. This is a nice fancy way of saying I was doing too much for my body. 

I'm impatient and so naturally I just want to see results and feel better NOW. But by taking a step back and stopping my exercise routine I've been able to examine a few things. I have more energy when I don't exercise. When I exercise I might do five or ten minutes of exercise and then I'm too exhausted to do pretty much anything else. By not exercising I have the energy to do the things I need to do around the house and more. So I'm actually more active when I'm not exercising and I feel better because I am getting things done. It seems backwards but you really do have to figure out what works for you and stick with it. 

I'm still not losing weight but I can see positive changes in myself so at this time I'm reevaluating where I'm going from here. I do want to start exercising again but I'll take it much slower and pay more attention to what my body is telling me. I shouldn't be feeling so fatigued after exercising or having panic attacks before even beginning. Nor should I experience a week worth of pain just from fifteen minutes of exercise. Just as a cat sleeps when it needs to I shall rest when needed  and so on. 

I do want to make a few key changes to my diet. I know we don't eat nearly enough vegetables so I want to make a goal of eating salad at least once a week. That doesn't seem like much but I would eat it more often if we could afford to do so. Little things do help so it's a start. I also want to go back to eating fish at least once a week. I received a bunch of fancy coffee for Christmas so I decided I'm going to enjoy a cup of it on the weekends as a special treat. 

I'm going to continue to declutter my home as well because it makes me feel better. I'm one of those people who holds onto old clothes for too long. I think I've finally reached the point of being able to let go of some of my old clothes. It seems silly to keep my clothes from high school in hopes of fitting into them again. I'm sure I'll get there eventually but when I think about it why on earth would I want to wear those clothes. I hated high school and with those clothes comes a ton of memories. It's beyond time to let go. 

I'm also going to worry less and put things where they belong in Gods hands.  I do want to de stress a little so for awhile I think I'll cut back on the reviews a bit. Namely the book reviews. Because although I have reviewed a bunch of books I've really enjoyed I haven't read a book just for the pure enjoyment in awhile. You all don't want to see my Kindle. It's ridiculous how many books I have for reading. I have a few reviews to do then I think I'll take a break for awhile and read Terry Goodkind's Warheart because I got it for Christmas and I've really been looking forward to reading it. 

Well all of this really has very little to do with the product I am reviewing today. But these are all of the thoughts spinning around in my head and sometimes you just really need to write and get them all out. 

In my quest to lose weight and be healthier I thought I'd give it a go with some supplements because I figured perhaps they contained something my body needed. 


                                                   *BRAND NEW UPDATED FORMULA!!!

                                               TWO Advanced Blends Working Synergisticallly to...
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Weight Loss and Fat Burning has Never Been Easier with the Garcinia Cambogia Advanced and Slender Cleanse Advanced Fat Loss System!


Your FAVORITE TV Doctor demands
-Where did the Fruit come from?
-Is the extract 100% pure?
-Does it have the right dose per serving?
-Does it contain atleast 60% HCA?

Garcinia Cambogia Advanced was developed with the TV doctor's strict criteria for the proper Garcinia Supplement.
Here's his recommendation, which is seen on his website... The good TV doctor recommends taking 800mg twice a day, 30 minutes before meals (That's 1600mg a day total). ...He recommends that the product be 100% pure, have absolutely no fillers, no binders, no artificial ingredients and in a pure vegetarian capsule.

And most importantly they must contain at least 60% HCA, which is the key to weight loss. GLUTEN-FREE and Made in the USA in a State of the Art GMP facility.

Slender Cleanse Advanced is a 7 day all natural gentle and controllable method to break up and flush away POUNDS of unwanted toxins and build up from the walls of your colon and intestines.

-Weight Gain
-Mood Swings & Irritability
-Gas & Bloating
-Inability to Loss Body Fat
-Sleeping Problems

It's Time to Cleanse Your way to a NEW YOU with Slender Cleanse and Garcinia Cambogia Advanced!

NOTE: This product is specifically designed for men and women that NEED TO LOSE MORE THAN 10 LBS

*If you LOSE MORE THAN 10 POUNDS your first week please discontinue use*

I was really hoping to use this and lose a few extra pounds by Christmas. Unfortunately that didn't happen and I actually gained weight while using this. No I can't even blame the Christmas cookies because I didn't eat any for the first week of trying this yet still had gains. I had not been gaining any weight nor did I change anything in regards to my diet or exercise. 

Regardless I did notice a few improvements. My skin seems to be clearing up and I did seem to have a little more energy. I definitely noticed I wasn't as hungry. Even though I gained some weight I think my clothes are fitting a little better as well so I guess I did get rid of some bloating. 

I did experience some really nasty stomache cramps during the night after I stopped this but I'm not sure if it's related or not. 


This product is available on Amazon for $35.95 and free shipping.

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