Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Meeting goals

I have nothing to disclose.

For the longest time it has seemed like I keep making goals and just never get anywhere with them despite my best efforts. I'm intellectually trying to understand why that is and I honestly can't explain it. I'm wondering if other people have this problem as well. It always feels like I'm just chasing my own tail. Granted I know my poor health is part of the reason I struggle so with some of the goals but certainly not all of them. 

Fortunately now I do seem to be on the right track or at least I'm getting there. My goal for volunteer work is to volunteer three hours a week plus holiday event work. I will work up to volunteering more as I get used to the work. Unfortunately I had to call today off because we both have the flu. I don't get too sick with the flu but I'm sure I'm still contagious. I'm going to try to go in Thursday instead. 

I'm also still working on increasing the number of steps I take every day and last week I met my goal of five thousand steps a day. I walked over fifteen miles last week so that feels good. Since I'm sick I haven't decided what my goal for this week should be. I think I'll aim for at least five thousand a day but try for more.  I did step about fifty five hundred yesterday. I should really post this on my pedometer review page but I found it doesn't always record my steps if I'm dancing or stepping too fast so that's irksome but I guess that means I get some extra steps. I'm kind of thinking hopefully by the end of the year I'll have worked up to ten thousand steps a day. That seems fairly reasonable. 

My last current goal is the reason I'm writing this. Last week I mentioned on Facebook how I just seem to have tons and tons of lotion. For whatever reason people always give me lotion which I normally don't use much. Well I decided to actually work my way through it all. Last week I used up about five small sample size things of lotion so it's a good start. I decided to gather up all of my bottles to take a picture so you can see I'm not exaggerating when I say I have a lot. 

Of these I think I bought maybe five. The rest were gifts or review items or giveaway winnings. Unfortunately this doesn't even include the bags of individual sample size BB cream and what not I have. Most of those I haven't even tried yet. I know I would definitely purchase the Lubriderm ointment again because it's kind of in a class of its own. The Vaseline lotion I would probably purchase too. 

So after about a week of actually using lotion I think I've become one of those people who uses it obsessively. Go figure. At least I have enough it should last me a good long time. 

Oh and incase anyone is actually wondering yes I did buy the panda just because it's so darn cute. I can't think of the brand right now because I have flu brain fog. But I've used up all of the cream that came in it and refilled it a few times. I love that container and love that it's something so cute and reusable. Get a clue America. :P

I think I'm just rambling now but those are my current thoughts and goals. Let me know about your goals and if you have any suggestions on how to achieve them. Oh and I do want to get back to writing as well but I'm not having much luck. :(

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