Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ebook - Cook Book :Healthy Mediterranean Gourmet Review

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

One thing I love to do but I don't blog about enough is cooking. I try to get the freshest ingredients possible with the fewest chemicals. I pride myself on providing healthy meals for my family but there's always more to be learned. Today I'm reviewing a cookbook called Healthy Mediterranean Gourmet. 

Mediterranean Healthy Gourmet is a way of life. Many people associate the word ‘gourmet’ with cholesterol-laden and not particularly healthy dishes served in expensive restaurants. It’s very tasty, but only to be eaten on special occasions.
No more. Mediterranean Healthy Gourmet presents a new concept in the Mediterranean cuisine, which is known as very healthy.
A cuisine with a rich variety of tastes, fine dishes that are easy to prepare,
and the freedom to enjoy an excellent meal every day – and stay healthy.
Mediterranean Healthy Gourmet cuisine is based on the following principles:
Fresh and top quality ingredients, which can be purchased in any local store and market. Avoidance of deep-frying. Avoiding the use of ingredients that are high in saturated fats (red meat, cream, butter etc.) Simple preparation processes, cooking with equipment available in every home, and quick cooking.
Today it is obvious that in order to keep healthy in life’s race, three fundamental principles must be upheld: engage in regular physical activity, avoid smoking, and eat a healthy diet.
Mediterranean Healthy Gourmet provides a response to the issue of healthy eating every day.
In this book you will find dozens of recipes, all of which have been tried hundreds of times in the homes of the authors, over the course of twenty-five years. You will also find suggestions for including the recipes in gourmet home meals to serve to guests, on the holidays, as fast meals
prepared after the day’s work, and for children.
Mediterranean Healthy Gourmet is a better way of life, healthier and tastier.   

I've been very interested in Mediterranean cooking for a long time because that's the region some of my ancestors came from. I'm sure this is the kind of diet I should be eating if we could afford it. I thought this book would be interesting to read just to see if there are any recipes I can make within my small budget. 

I don't agree with the authors about some of the healthy eating choices as I strongly believe what may be healthy for one person may not be good for another individual. They also encourage the use of cooking sprays which may contain chemicals or at least unhealthy oils. Cringe. 

However this cookbook does have some good basics to get you started. At times too basic such as the instructions for cooking rice which may actually not be correct depending upon your rice. Many of the recipes do look and sound good. I hope to try more of them but we don't normally eat many of the foods used in this cookbook. 

I was trying to think of a dessert for Thanksgiving and thought I'd turn to this cookbook. I decided to make the berry soup which is a strawberry purée with mixed berries and a few other ingredients and topped with whipped cream. I thought it was pretty good if not different. 

I do hope to use this cookbook more in the future. 

Healthy Mediterranean Gourmet is available on for $2.99 or for free with Kindle Unlimited.

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