Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My first ShopKo shopping experience

I shouldn't say this was my first ShopKo experience since I've been there maybe three other times but this was the first time I went there by myself. Yesterday I was folding my clothes and noticed all of the holes in my pants and I thought to myself, "Ok, this is it. I'm buying new pants." I don't buy clothes very often and usually when I do I end up ordering online and usually end up getting something which doesn't fit. So of course I hate shopping for clothes.

 ShopKo is the closest store near me for clothing and they just happen to have a pretty good sale on clothing right now. I couldn't get there yesterday so I had to go today. I was extremely nervous beforehand, I think in part because I always get nervous before going out in public but especially when I'm not very familiar with the place. Anyway I realized this morning I had never gone shopping for clothes by myself before. How weird is that? Since I can't drive I guess it isn't that weird for me. In the past someone else always would have taken me. Being able to walk to the store is such a great piece of independence I value so much. As it turns out, it was still exhausting shopping but I think I prefer shopping for clothing by myself. It's less distraction which means less exhausting and I don't feel like I have to hurry. It was nice trying on clothes and taking my time without feeling like I had to rush. 

Enough about all of that. Here's what I got. 

Riders by Lee Mid rise straight leg. Normally $36.99. On clearance for $18.49

Riders by Lee Mid rise straight leg. Normally $36.99. On clearance for $22.19. 

Riders by Lee Classic boot cut. Normally $27.99. On sale for $24.99

French Laundry leggings. Normally $23.99. On sale for $11.99

I also picked up a can of altoids. Can you tell I really like Riders? They had a ton of other things on sale and I tried on about six other pairs of pants but was happiest with these. The leggings fit really nicely, seem very warm and comfortable. They're kind of like fleece so they're actually very thick and should be perfect for winter. They had a few other pairs but I didn't like how those fit. I ended up having to go up a size because I've been through so much stress this year and my body seems to be fat shifting. I'm not going to lose any sleep over it though. I walked away with four new pairs of pants which is more than I hoped for and I saved $44.32! I could buy a whole other outfit with that. 

As for ShopKo itself, the store was calm, quiet and fairly clean. In general, the employees were polite and helpful. I'll definitely be back again. 

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