Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Bed in a box

I have nothing to disclose. 

Did you know mattresses ship in a box? I sure didn't. Here's my tale...

We've needed a new mattress for a very long time and fortunately we were finally able to get one. Our old mattress was one sided which we didn't realize at the rushed time we bought it. Never again. Not being able to flip over a mattress is like the worst thing ever as it wears out. I recently flipped it around so my side of the bed had the huge dent and I swear that's partly to blame for my recent migraines and back aches. The floor was more comfortable. 

We decided to get a futon mattress because it was cheaper. We plan to move hopefully in the next year so we just wanted a cheap fix for the time being until we get another place and then we'll get a regular mattress. We have a bunch of mattress stores locally but after browsing the Internet it seemed cheaper and easier just to order one. I pretty much never buy anything from Walmart because we don't want to support Chinese slavery. However this one time I decided to go ahead and buy our mattress from them since we have a store nearby just in case there were any shipping problems. 

Oh the sweet irony. Our mattress was supposed to be delivered last Thursday according to the tracking which had not updated in days. I sat around all day Thursday waiting for the thing to be delivered. It never showed up of course. Finally I think Friday the tracking updated. It had shipped from Arizona to South Carolina to Georgia. What the hell Walmart. I live in Wisconsin. Needless to say our mattress finally got here. 

It was here for five minutes and Winslow had to check out the box of course. Last week I was kind of freaking out wondering how I was going to get a mattress through our door and everything without Mike's help. After a day of nerves Mike was finally kind enough to inform me the mattress would be shipping in a box and not in fact flat shaped. Duh. That made sense when I thought about it. I looked at a bunch of online reviews and sure enough most people said theirs arrived in a duffle bag type of thing. Ours obviously arrived in a box. 

Mike told me to wait til he got home from work and he would help me set it up. I guess he thought I'd start a World War if I did it by myself or something equally catastrophic. I don't know. I kept looking at the box which claimed it was easy set up and I thought to myself I could do it myself. I was right. This is how the mattress looked out of the box. 

It was wrapped in a sheet of plastic which I had to rip and cut away. Once I did that it broke the air tight seal and it began to expand back to normal size. I just had to unroll it. The tricky part was this was wrapped in a second sheet of plastic which I had to cut away. This mattress weighs about sixty pounds so pulling the plastic out from under the mattress was the most difficult part of the whole thing. 

The mattress itself has a nice soft black fabric. It really isn't firm at all. It kind of feels like you're laying on memory foam or floating on a cloud. Best of all it is double sided so I can flip it over when needed. 

We don't have a bed frame or box springs so we opted to use this mattress on top of our old one for additional support. It's hillbilly but it works. 

I didn't realize this until we got it but as it turns out this is the very mattress I had picked out on Amazon until I decided to buy from Walmart instead. The brand is DHP, and it's 8 inch full size. Unfortunately it was made in China but you can't seem to escape that these days. This mattress is $153.18 on Amazon and Walmart but apparently I got it on sale or something because I got it for $133.65. Yay me :)

Hopefully this mattress will last us for as long as we need it to. It's gotten very good reviews on both Amazon and Walmart so I'm hopeful.

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