Monday, September 28, 2015

Without A Heartbeat (Hasea Chronicles book 0) Review

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

Today I will be reviewing Without A Heartbeat, the prequel novel to the Hasea Chronicles. You can find my review of The Awakening, book 1 in the Hasea Chronicles, here.

Victorian era prequel novel to the bestselling YA urban fantasy series, The Hasea Chronicles. A dark mix of supernatural, steampunk, horror and drama. 

(The image to the right reads:)

Not much is known about the mysterious vampire Scarlett. Until now.

The year is 1872. A darker, more unforgiving Alliance is working in the shadows, struggling to keep order on the streets of London. Meanwhile in Ireland, a young girl is about to take up a position as scullery maid in the sinister Oakley Manor. It is a decision that will alter her life forever and send her on a path of destruction and death.

A path that leads right to the Alliance.

(Chosen we rise - Allied we prevail) 


While generally well written, I found Without a Heartbeat disappointing overall. The majority of the book I would say is full of recycled old ideas and I didn't really get into the story until maybe the last quarter of it when the author relied more upon his own ideas of his world. There were also numerous typos throughout this book, where often times the same wrong words were used. I do wish I had read this before reading The Awakening, which I kind of want to read over again now that I know Scarlett's story. Although I'm not sure I would have been so interested in reading the Hasea Chronicles based on this story alone.

Without a Heartbeat is available on in ebook and paperback.

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