Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Review

I received this item free for review from Influenster.com in exchange for my honest opinion.

Well last week I learned a valuable lesson. Don't go hiking with bronchitis even if you are almost all better. I went hiking last Saturday and all it did was wear me out and re aggravate my poor sick body so I was pretty much too tired to do much of anything last week which is why I haven't blogged in awhile. 

But anyway today I'm going to talk about a product I received from Influenster for review. I have to say this is the worst Voxbox I've gotten and I know I'm not alone in this opinion. I wish Influenster told you exactly what you were getting in your Voxbox ahead of time and then gave you the option to opt out. Anyway...

This is the Voxbox I received. My first problem with this box was Influenster led me to believe I was getting a full sized product. Instead I received a small sample size at .75 fluid ounces. Now that I've actually tried the product I'm glad I only got a sample size. 

I applied the product to my left leg using just about a quarter size amount as described in the directions. I gently rubbed it on my leg and foot stopping at above the knee. 

Here's the good: this applied easily with no noticeable streaks and it didn't take much product. 

The bad: it turned me orange. If this is what natural tan is supposed to look like then no one would want to be tan. This was seriously bad. Not just orange but it made my feet just look dirty. Additionally it came off on my clothes and I'm still waiting to see if they've stained or not. I left this on for a few hours just to test the lasting power. By the time I washed it off I couldn't even tell what I was washing off. I think some of it did wear off throughout the day. 

On the bright side at least this was just makeup and it didn't actually stain my skin orange. 

I won't be using the coupon because I definitely won't be purchasing this ever. I might just throw away the sample - something I never do - or stash it with my Halloween makeup. 

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