Monday, August 24, 2015

The ever changing Betta

Jasper has changed a lot over the past few weeks since we got him so I wanted to capture these changes here. It seems like every day I look at him and notice a small subtle change. It doesn't seem like much just to the casual observer but having known Jasper as I do it really is fun to watch him change. 

Here is day one. His colors were so washed out back then.

Day 2 other side because his sides weren't symmetrical 

Day 8 brighter colors

His colors are so much brighter but you can also see he's starting to become more blue and turquoise at this point. 

Day nine
He started getting blue on this side as well.

Day 12 after a few really hot days his fins started becoming more cellophane again. I think it was about now that I noticed he was starting to get more little black spots on his fins. It's hard to tell from the pictures because his fins look black in some places but it's actually the cellophane effect. 

This is a good example of how he looks just plain dull blue and white when the light isn't shining on him.

Day 17 this happened 

His colors are finally almost symmetrical.
(Jasper doesn't want me to photograph that side :P )

And that brings us to day 20, yesterday. His nice pretty little black spots have taken over and his tail fins are turning black. The areas which looked black before but were actually cellophane are now black.

At this point I'm just happy to see he's getting some color on his head because I really don't like the piebald look. I just took these last pictures last night but looking at him this morning it looks like he has even more color on his body now. I really thought he was pretty when he was more cellophane but I've gotten used to him with color now which is good because it seems to be spreading like an infection. 

I think this is a good example of what proper care and good quality water can do to improve betta colors. I do feed him some betta food with color enhancers but I've never experienced such a dramatic color change in any other betta I've had although he is my first marble. 

I realize his colors aren't so dramatic as other betta I've seen, where they go from being a blue fish to a red one overnight. Still, I'm having so much fun watching him change and I hope you've enjoyed seeing Jasper's transformation as well. I'm going to continue to document his changes here in the future. :)

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