Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Meet Jasper

I am a huge betta fan and today I'm happy to say I finally have a new one. My last betta, Hugo, died quite awhile ago and unfortunately I had to wait til summer to get a new fish because I didn't want to hurt him with the Wisconsin cold. Anyway today I brought home Jasper and I think he was definitely worth the wait.

I hope to get some better pictures soon but for now.... Here's my new betta :P

You can't quite tell from the pictures but he definitely has the cellophane gene meaning his fins are actually see through!  The rest of his fins are various shades of pale turquoise which have some iridescence. His head seems to be typical for cellophane but his body seems to have some light turquoise spotting which I'm not sure if it's a marble, grizzle or dalmation colorization but regardless I'm looking forward to raising him and seeing if my beautiful new betta changes color or not :)

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