Thursday, July 9, 2015

Effenfine Tweezer Set Review

I received this item for free from in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Today's review comes with a story. I never lose anything, or I should say very rarely do I ever lose things. I have excellent spacial memory so I typically know exactly where I keep everything. Of course, one day my glorious looking mono-brow was growing back in so I went to grab the tweezers. Of course I couldn't find them. Went looking for a spare set. Couldn't find those either. I caved and tried the cheap tweezers from my first aid kit, and those things are awful. I didn't really want to buy new tweezers so I just put it off for awhile and I saw effenfine were looking for bloggers to review their tweezers, so I thought, why not? Fortunately, I was selected, obviously. The funny part is, once I received my effenfine tweezers in the mail, I found both my regular tweezers, the spare, and a set I didn't even remember owning. Looks like I'll never be short handed for tweezers ever again :P

effenfine Tweezer Set - Two Slant Tip Eyebrow Tweezers & a Set of Pointed Tip Tweezers for Splinters and Ingrown Hairs - 10 Year Tweezer Alignment Guarantee - Get Eyebrows Other Women Will Envy
♥ TIRED OF CHEAP TWEEZERS? - Effortlessly grab and remove hairs. Get each hair out on the first attempt! Gone are the days of re-grabbing a hair over and over again. Even get the really fine hairs that you could never get without pinching your skin. Made of high quality Stainless Steel that will never rust
♥ LOOKS AS GOOD AS IT WORKS - The Glossy Candy Apple Red finished tweezers feel great in your fingers. Comes with a lether case to protect your effenfine tweezers and keeps them from getting lost
♥ AN EXTRA TO SHARE - Tired of people "BORROWING" your eyebrow tweezers? Your effenfine tweezer set comes with TWO eyebrow tweezers so you have one to share
♥ THE PERFECT GIFT - The best gifts for women are those that surprise and delight. Everyone gets FREE Shipping when order two or more sets
♥ GUARANTEED - We're so confident in effenfine Tweezers we back them with our effenfine 10 Year Guarantee. If your tweezers ever become misaligned or bent from normal use within 10 years simply return them for a FREE replacement. A No Risk Purchase What have you got to lose? If you aren't completely satisfied with our professional tweezer set simply return it within 60 days for a full no questions-asked-refund.



The thing I like most about this set of tweezers is that it comes in a very nice black leather case, which should make it practically impossible to lose these. Even if I didn't keep them in the case, the bright candy red color makes it pretty easy for these to stand out.

These tweezers are sturdy, durable and easy to use. Unlike cheap plastic tweezers, these make it easy to grab whatever your aiming for. I like this set because it comes with 3 different pairs of tweezers in 2 different styles. Since this set comes with 2 pairs of the eyebrow tweezers, I think I'm even going to put the extra pair in my first aid kit to replace the cheap plastic pair it came with - I definitely wouldn't want to have to rely on those in an emergency!

I used these for the obvious uses, but also here is a picture of the first use when my niece decided she wanted to make a Makit & Bakit suncatcher. If you've never done Makit & Bakit sets before, it's a metal frame with tiny little plastic beads which you have to place in the frame and then cook the works. The beads melt and you get a pretty cool looking suncatcher in the end. I did these a bunch when I was a kid, and I'm happy they still make these. Anyway, I did use the effenfine tweezers to place some of the beads and it worked wonderfully. :)

This set of tweezers is available on for $19.95 and ships free on orders of $35 or more or free with Prime.

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