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Review: more Rayne Hall e-books

I received these items in exchange for an honest review. Blurb and image sources Tomoson.com, Amazon.com.

I have a mess of stuff to review today for you all, with limited computer time so I decided to just go ahead and post these 3 reviews all in one post and I'll update them on my phone as time allows. Sorry about that. :/ I know it's not very professional. My health has been suffering and I've kind of gotten things out of hand around here but hopefully things will be back to normal before long, although I will definitely be cutting back on the reviews. Anyway, I have 3 ebooks to share with you today, edited and or written by Rayne Hall. First up is Twitter for Writers. Speaking of which, I created a new Twitter account as an author account, woohoo! Give me a follow if you'd like, I'd appreciate it. I'm @Pazwraithia: https://twitter.com/Pazwraithia

Use Twitter to improve your writing, network with other authors, meet fans, build a platform, gain exposure, find reviewers and sell books.

Rayne Hall has one of the best platforms any writer has on Twitter – with over 50,000 genuine, engaged followers who enjoy her tweets and buy her books. Here she shares practical advice, fun ideas, step-by-step strategies for success – and even the embarrassing mistakes she made.

This book is a great help to any writer who wants to use Twitter as a professional tool without wasting precious writing time. Suitable for newbies as well as Twitter veterans, it shows you how to spot fake followers, guides you past the dreaded 2,000-follower hurdle, helps you throw a Twitter party and reveals the most powerful ways to promote a book.

While I'm no twitter newbie, I'm also not an expert. Even with my schooling in Web Development, I found a lot of really helpful and useful tips in this book. It encouraged me to take the first step by making a new twitter account as an author page, and I've been following along the steps as I go while reading. So far I've been fairly happy with my new account. There are definitely a lot of tips in this book which would be helpful for just about anyone looking to create a business twitter account, not just writers. I greatly appreciate how Hall has included many of her mistakes in this book so others can learn from them. For me, it's given me a different perspective as to how to approach using Twitter as well, and hopefully my new interaction level will pay off. This is a great guide for anyone looking to create a business account on Twitter or looking to improve their existing fan base. I definitely recommend it.

For 99 cents on Amazon, you definitely get your money's worth.

Do you like the traditional, blood-sucking, dangerous type of vampire? Then this story collection is for you.

Ten authors have created creepy, chilling, funny, thought-provoking and scary stories about dark suckers.

Are vampires to be pitied for their vulnerabilities, or envied for their powers? How do we know who is a vampire? How do we know what vampires want from us? What if they are expressions of our own forbidden desires?

What if the victims give their blood willingly, in return for a boon? What if they drain from their victims not blood, but something more precious - their courage, their faith, their ability to love?

Is what they offer a fair exchange for what they take? Do you yearn for thrills, for immortality, for everlasting youth? Would you be willing to pay for this with your blood, your life, your soul?

Ten authors probe these questions in their tales. Each story in this book explores a different concept of vampires, a different question, a different danger. To reflect the authors' individual voices, you will find both American and British words and spellings in this book.

See which story resonates most with you. Enjoy the tales - but be warned: these vampires are dangerous.

1. TANGLED DREAMS by Liv Rancourt
Sometimes it's safer to leave history's secrets alone.
2. REALITY BITES! by Jim Bernheimer
Vampires have problems just like the rest of us.
3. NIGHT TRAIN by Rayne Hall
The train is about to enter a tunnel - and vampires are on board.
4. WINTER FLOWER by Jonathan Broughton
Dark desires unfurl where shadows thrive.
5. IT'S IN YOUR BLOOD by Pamela Turner
Be careful when accepting an invitation.
6. THE LAND OF THE RISING SUN by Debbie Christiana
When you help someone, it may come back to bite you.
What if you're one moment too late to protect a victim?
8. THE DHAMPIR'S KISS by Carole Ann Moleti
Can any vow survive immortal life?
9. EXILE by April Grey
Death could be just the beginning.
10. WHY I WON'T READ SONG OF SOLOMON by Douglas Kolacki
A vampire may feed off a victim without leaving bite marks on the neck.

Some of these stories have been previously published in magazines and e-zines.

This story collection is part of the 'Ten Tales' series of anthologies, edited by Rayne Hall.

I absolutely love some of the stories in Bites, and I'll be looking for more work from some of the authors once my reading list is shorter. There are a few stories here which I absolutely love. This is definitely a fantastic collection of stories for the avid vampire fanatic such as myself. 

Tangled dreams - enjoyed this one very much. Kept me on the edge of my seat, didn't want to stop reading. Excellent.

Reality Bites - funny, unexpected twist and absolutely perfect last line.

Night Train - very good, seemingly predictable but with a nicely twisted end.

Winter Flower - excellent story although I felt it ended too abruptly. I definitely wanted to keep reading more! Lovers of vampire romance must read this story.

It's in Your Blood - unexpected, quite good

The Land of the Rising Sun- okay, seemed to be lacking something, but well written.

The Fledgling Doubt and The Dhampir's Kiss were not my favorite. They both were well written but just ok, didn't really hold my interest.

Exile I really enjoyed up until the end, which I felt was kind of dumb. It was a well written, good story but it just fell flat for me.

Why I Won't Read Song of Solomon- I'm guessing this would mean more if I had ever read Song of Solomon but I haven't, so let us continue, shall we? I found this story to be somewhat interesting, and I did enjoy the different perspective of the idea of a vampire, appreciating the cynicism.

Bites is available on Amazon for 99 cents or for free with Kindle Unlimited.

 Exciting, spooky and scary stories for everyone, edited by Rayne Hall.

Ten authors spin creepy yarns, each with a different writing style and a different way of telling a story. Allow these fantasy and horror stories to haunt you, and see which story resonates most with you.

1. GHOSTS CAN BLEED by Tracie McBride
Ghosts can bleed. Maurice knows, because he is one.
2. DANCERS by William Meikle
A country graveyard in winter can be made warm.
3. BREAKWATER BEACH by Carole Ann Moleti
Ever felt that you've been somewhere before? Perhaps you have.
4. THE PIANO MAN by Kiersten Hartrim
No one has played the old upright piano in the bar since the Lady Pianist died.
5. TAKE ME TO ST ROCH'S by Rayne Hall
Never pick up hitchhikers.
Forget everything you've ever heard about what they are.
7. MOTHER MINE by April Grey
A mother's love never dies.
8. THE MINE SHAFT by Sera Hayes
Curiosity leading superstition digs an early grave.
9. DARK REUNION by Jonathan Broughton
Love sours when you commit murder.
10. A PUDDLE OF DEAD by Grayson Bray Morris
Her long-lost love is back... or is he?

To preserve the authors' individual voices, the stories preserve the British, American and Australian spellings, grammar and punctuation. Some stories have been previously published in magazines, e-zines, story collections and anthologies.

coming up!

You can purchase Haunted on Amazon.com for 99 cents. 

My thanks to Tomoson.com and Rayne Hall for the chance to review these e-books.

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