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Awakening Review + Giveaway

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Good Saturday everyone! I've been feeling pretty fatigued lately so that's why I haven't been blogging quite as much. Also, I mentioned I wasn't going to be painting my nails for awhile? Well, it's been about 2 weeks and it is seriously driving me crazy! I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to keep this up, but since my nails keep breaking.. ah, I guess I can wait. But anyway, today I have another book review for you - I have a mess of book reviews lined up for this next month so fatigue or not I will be busy with those :) Today's review is Awakening by Andi O'Connor and I received an actual physical book, not an e-book, for this review. Normally I would have completed this review weeks ago, but I discovered something very interesting while reading Awakening - I really hate reading books! Physical books, of course. I can read so much faster reading e-books so for me it's much more fun that way. So nothing against O'Connor's work, but no more physical books for me!  

Darrak's magical adventure that began in The Lost Heir takes a gripping twist in the second novel of Andi O'Connor's trilogy - The Dragonath Chronicles!

With the aid of Andillrian, Ipzaag, Selantia, and Anarra, Darrak continues his fight to save Earth and Dragonath from the destruction of Halla Magic. But after the appearance of a dragon who could change the tide of war in their favor, Darrak learns that not everyone’s oath to protect him was genuine. Deserted by two of his companions and facing a cunning and powerful army, Darrak realizes the enemy forces no longer answer to their former master.

A darker power has emerged from the shadows.

Payton Niemel has returned, and his intense hatred for Darrak’s ancestors remains. He will stop at nothing to finish what he began centuries before; to destroy the Keera bloodline and claim dominance over all of Dragonath. And this time, he has the power to see it done.


At the time, I didn't realize this was the second book in a series and since I haven't read the first book, it was just a little bit confusing at first. It took me a while to get into the story because I was a bit confused about some of the things happening, but overall it could have been a worse experience on my behalf.

I really enjoyed Awakening, and numerous times throughout the story I was struck by how some of the characters reminded me very much of some of Terry Goodkind's characters. Some of the themes and ideas are even similar to some extent, and perhaps this is partly why I did enjoy the book.

While O'Connor's writing style is very easy to read and I found only a handful of grammar errors, in the large picture Awakening was just a wee bit difficult to get through. There are a lot of characters involved in this story which means there was a lot going on. Some of the names are a bit unique which for me made it a bit difficult to keep track of what was going on with who. I felt it was just a little lacking in character development for this reason. I'm looking forward to picking this book up again sometime to read it through once more so hopefully I can follow along better. I would consider reading the first novel as well as future stories in the series.

Awakening is available on Amazon for pre-order at $15.45 or from Barnes and Noble for $15.16. Release date February 5, 2015. You can also purchase a signed copy of Awakening on O'Connor's Web site for $15.16 plus you get a free copy of her other book, Redemption!

Ends January 27, 2015. Book will be shipped January 29, 2015.

US and Canada only.

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