Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas (and Easter?) nails with polish from Banggood.com review

I received these items in exchange for an honest review.

A couple of weeks ago I received a big nail mail package from Banggood.com and I was going to break these down into a couple of posts but you know what? With Christmas Eve being tomorrow I thought I'd go ahead and just do one big blog post for today. So today I will have 5, yes 5, polishes to show you! Here are the polishes I will be sharing with you today.

First up is a water based peel off nail polish. This polish is an absolutely gorgeous shade of yellow - this from the person who used to hate yellow. I really love this color but it is streaky even after 2 coats.

This polish wasn't too terrible to peel off but it wasn't very nice to my nail, even with applying a coat of base coat underneath. I think I might want to apply 2 coats of base coat next time just to be certain. This polish doesn't smell too terrible unlike some of the others I received. However, the bottle is pretty tiny. It's definitely in the "mini" category. This polish dried very very quickly which made it very nice to work with. This is $2.66.

I paired this with the two glitters I received. First up is the baby doll shaped polish bottle. I'll admit it - I requested this polish for review simply because I like the bottle. I like weird bottles and hey, the polish I received is different than any other polishes I own so it works out ;)

This polish is pretty thick and the glitters all sink but the thing about this polish is it smells so awful. It has that made in China smell you can't seem to avoid sometimes. I do like the glitters in this one but it was kind of tricky to work with just because it is so thick. This is $2.22 for a 7 mL bottle. Here's a closeup on the glitter.

Next up is the glitter nail art polish, which I used twice so you'll see it again here in a minute.

This polish is pretty thinly glittered which works pretty well for simply dusting manicures but if you want thicker coverage you might want to do two layers. This is what I did for this manicure, with only one layer on the accent nail. This one is somewhat stinky, but it is easy and fun to use. This one is only $1.72 for a 5 mL bottle.

Well, that's me in a nut shell - doing Easter looking nails at Christmas time :P Now for my Christmas nails!

I did two different manicures and I decided to use the make your own stamping decals following this tutorial. I had never done this before, but I think I've come to the conclusion that it is way too much work for me when I could get similar results just by stamping. Still, it was fun to try out. I used the Born Pretty Store 1 stamping plate, which I just happened to buy for free and I was so happy I got it in time to use for Christmas this year. This is a great stamping plate :)

So first I'm going to show you the neon glow in the dark polish. I absolutely love this color and this polish comes in 24 different colors so you have some good options if you don't like this particular color.

This polish is very thin but it dries very quickly so it is very easy to layer. I used 2 layers. Best of all, check out the glow on this baby!

This polish is $1.96 and I'm not sure about the amount. I want to say it's almost a mini and a half. Definitely not full size bottle but not quite a mini either, I would say.

Lastly is another glow in the dark polish and yes I picked out this one for the funky bottle as well and yes I did dare to use crackles on my tips. I think it looked pretty cool. I did a gradient with the nail stamping, so that's why there's a few colors there which look like they don't belong there. Oops, I should have thought to clean that up a bit. Ah well.

This polish is mildly stinky, transparent, but it applies nicely. This one is great for doing a french manicure or I suppose you could layer it or maybe even use it as a topper. This one didn't dry quite as fast as some of the others but even so it still dried pretty quickly.

Now this one photographed pretty oddly under the black light - I think because of the top coat, it kept wanting to photograph pure white. In actuality it is a bright neon yellow green with a bit of graininess. It looks really quite cool!

It actually did glow better than this, I just wanted to show you the best picture I had of it glowing true to color (or at least ignoring the bright whitish blue glow in the photo.) This polish is $1.66 for 8mL and it comes in 6 different colors.

I've been wearing these last 2 manicures for the past 2 days and other than the crackle, I haven't noticed any chipping so these polishes seem to hold up pretty well. Most manicures last me only a few hours before I have chipping (yes, even Zoya only lasts me a short time) so I'm pretty impressed with the quality.

I still have a set of 3 more polishes to show you, but I will wait for after Christmas for that :)

My thanks to Banggood.com for providing me with these samples. I do want to mention that they sell a ton of other nail art supplies, and shipping is free! I believe they ship worldwide as well. Additionally, they have a coupon codes they asked me to pass on to my readers.

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