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Bachata Dance Mastery System - Learn to Dance Bachata (3 DVD Set) Review + Giveaway

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Here is my last DanceCrazy.com review for at least a couple of weeks - I'll be reviewing Salsa as one of my first reviews next year, woohoo! Oooohhh.. and I just realized, this will be my last review of the year. Wow, where has the year gone? Anyway, today I am reviewing a 3 disc Bachata set. I had never heard of Bachata until I saw this review, so you can read more about it on Wikipedia.


Bachata Dance! Your complete Bachata Dance Step-By-Step System for becoming a great social bachatero (dancer). You get over 5 hours of Bachata Dancing instruction, packed onto 3 DVDs (each indvididual DVD can be found separately on Amazon.com)! Save Money with this series!This series has 3 jam packed DVDs that take you from beginning through advanced bachata dancing.

This is a bestselling Bachata Video package... SalsaCrazy Presents The Complete Bachata Mastery System: All 3 Levels, on three separate DVDs, in our Step by Step Bachata Dance Mastery program. You'll never be lost as we professionally build your Bachata Dancing from the very first steps, slowly and methodically all the way to an Advanced level. This is a complete system, and we don't leave anything out!
Sensual and Romantic, this course covers everything you need to know, and gives you the benefit of countless private lessons, all on three massive DVDs. Featuring multiple camera angles, picture in picture, and music to practice each and every pattern too, these in depth instructional videos provide an excellent starting point as well as a fun and progressive system that allows you to grow as a dancer, step by step!
In Volume 1 for Beginners, we'll guide you through the very basic bachata dance steps, giving you a sturdy and comprehensive foundation to build from. We'll take you, step by step, through all the beginner patterns and techniques, and we'll leave nothing out! No experience necessary! 2 left feet? No Problem! We'll get you out and dancing in no time. You'll learn everything you need in order to become a great Bachata dancer!
In Volume 2, The Intermediate Guide To Bachata Dancing takes up where beginners volume 1 left off, and will add a ton of new dance steps, etiquette, connection, and unique style to your bachata dancing. You will absolutely love learning the new moves and patterns of "club style" bachata.
In Volume 3, the advanced Bacahta DVD, This DVD takes up where intermediate bachata volume 2 left off, bringing you lots of new challenging and unique bachata dance steps in the "club style" fashion.
This is the real thing, and you're gonna love it! Nothing is left out. Sensual and Romantic...This is hours worth of bachata dancing instruction, and countless private lessons, all in one massive DVD. Additional features include Multiple Camera Angles, Picture in Picture, Music to Practice to for every bachata dance step, and detailed tips you can't find anywhere else. 


I thought I would like this set because I'm familiar enough with Salsa from my Zumba workouts, and since Bachata seems like it might be similar I thought I would give it a try. I was not disappointed. I immediately found this set to be fun as I just listed to the introduction music - the music alone is fun and up beat and perfect for dancing to. If you're familiar at all with some of the other DanceCrazy.com DVDs, the instructions on these discs are a bit different. In general, the instructions for both follower and leader are given at once. With the more advanced footwork they do break down the individual roles so that is helpful.

The Beginner's Volume 1 DVD I found to be pretty easy and intuitive. Some of it was similar enough to Zumba that I did not have any problems with it, and I found Bachata gives a great workout to your core with real emphasis on hip action.

Once again there is emphasis on etiquette with this dance, and just like Waltz, I couldn't help but find it amusing.

The Intermediate Volume 2 disc instructs the user on 8 new patterns and draws attention to the importance of the connection between partners. So much so that Alison, one of the instructors, demonstrates this by dancing with her eyes shut. It was pretty cool to watch how in control and synchronized she and her leader were. There were familiar patterns on this disc, such as the Cuddle, which makes it easier to learn if you're already familiar with other dance styles and patterns.

There is also heavy emphasis on building a connection to your partner with this dance and that is reinforced on the Advanced Volume 3 disc.  This disc introduces 7 new patterns and also includes a dos and don'ts section. There is more handwork which looks pretty fancy, multiple spins and they introduce swivels.

This dance is very sensual and looks like a lot of fun when danced with a partner. Dancing alone, it was still fun and fairly easy to pick up. I will mention however, there are a lot of dips, twists and turns on the last 2 discs. So if you're prone to dizziness, this might not be the dance for you. The Beginner's disc alone would be fine if you are interested in learning some Bachata.

This set is listed at $97 on Amazon, but is on sale for $37.

Winner will be selected on January 2, 2015. Shipment date is set for January 3, 2015.    

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