Friday, November 7, 2014

stamping practice AKA my first Christmas manicure of the year

I have nothing to disclose.

I was going to do something constructive today, such as work on a review - but I've been awake since about 4 AM so I decided to blog about something which requires less brain work. 

About a week ago I put 1 coat of Sinful Colors Starry Night over top my gel nails because I figured if I'm going to test these gel nails, I might as well test with glitter. I haven't tried removing it yet, BUT I'm happy to say I did NOT top coat this, yet Starry Night held on for days with no issues, no chipping. That is awesome!

I decided to practice some stamping on top of this just for fun. I used Konad Special White and Bundle Monster stamping plate number BM-221.

My stamping is coming out better than it used to, for certain. My pointer finger was almost perfect until I applied my top coat which smeared it a little bit. Go figure. This stamping plate was much easier to use than some of the others I've tried and overall I was pretty happy with the result considering I haven't practiced much.

Later, I was looking at my nails and decided it would be fun to add a little sparkle to them so I got out my Shany nail art #15 and painted some green in.

Here's a closeup of my good nail :)

I'll have to try removing this in a couple of days and play with it some more to see how the gel manicure does underneath. I'm going to be reviewing another set of gel polishes sometime soon so that'll give me more time to play as well!

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