Monday, October 6, 2014

Save money and get the stuff you need with Sierra Trading Post!

This post contains an affiliate link.

Today I want to tell you guys about this really awesome Web site I was introduced to last March. Sierra Trading Post sells clothes for the entire family, shoes, household items and a lot more, all for discount prices. If you sign up for their newsletter, you gain access to even more discounts and specials. In fact, the reason I'm even writing this today is because I woke up to an e-mail from Sierra, which included a free $20 store credit just for being a member. How awesome is that?

To prove to you how awesome this site is, let me show you what I've gotten from them so far.

For my first purchase, I got these sneakers which have held up really well. These retail at $150, I got them for $64.97. At the same time, I purchased a pair of boots for my boyfriend. His retailed at $174.99, and we purchased them for $64.97 as well. Total savings so far: $195.05

This purchase taught us both that never again will we buy inexpensive shoes from Walmart just because it's affordable. No. If we're going to spend the money, we're going to spend a little bit more (or even less!) and get better quality from Sierra.

My second purchase I bought two bras, $41.99. I paid $12.73 each. I also bought these really cute boots. I haven't worn them much yet since I bought them last March, but I'm sure I'll be breaking them in soon.
(image source: Google search)

These boots retail at $180, but I got them for $70.17.

I also bought some sleepware:

(image source: Google search)

The nightshirt retails for $30, I got it for $10.77. The pants retail at $20, I got them for $7.77. I wear this set a lot. They fit just right and are super comfortable, and perfect for when the weather is not quite cold, not quite hot.

I also got a pair of jeans (retail $59, I paid $8.98) and another pair of pj pants (retail $35, I paid $11.97) but unfortunately those don't quite fit. I'm holding on to them for when I lose weight. Total saved with this purchase: $272.86

You know what was awesome about that last purchase, besides the savings? I used a coupon code which got me a free gift card. So yes, I was back again 2 days later getting even more stuff. Next I got a pair of knee high socks and a set of one oven mitt and a hand towel.

The socks retail at $25.95, I got them for $10.46. The oven mitt/towel set retails for $14.99, I got it for $3.46. Since I used my gift card, this purchase was FREE! So I saved $41.93 with this purchase.

I hadn't bought anything else since then, just because we haven't had money to spare. But today I got my gift card, so lets see what I got today, shall we? I decided to stick with practical items, so I got a set of pillows (retail : $29.99, I paid $11.22), a set of 3 guest towels (retail $24.99, I paid $6.72) and a food grater (retail $14.99, I paid $7.12.) Since I used my gift card, I only paid $6.31 AND I got free shipping.

I know, that's less than exciting, right? But here's what's cool. Whenever you make a purchase from Sierra, they tell you how much you've saved on your previous orders. Here's how much I've saved to date, along with today's purchase.

You have saved $44.91 over regular retail prices on this order.

You have saved $494.93 over regular retail prices on all prior purchases.

Actually, since they don't consider gift card usage in their savings total, I've saved an additional $33.92! Now I can tell you, this is just nothing in comparison to what Mike's sister, who introduced me to Sierra, has saved. I know she's gotten something like $1000 worth of savings just in one purchase.

Just a reminder, I'm not trying to sell anyone anything. I just love to shop and I love to save money doing it. If I can pass along this information to others and help them save some money, great! That being said, if you're interested in Sierra, please click on my affiliate link below.

Sierra Trading Post_468x60

OR you can use this link: to get $10 to be used on your first purchase of $30 or more (I will also get $10, in full disclosure.) Returning customers can get 25% off and free shipping by using code STW10114 which ends 10/7/14 (tomorrow.)

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