Saturday, August 9, 2014

More nail foil! review

I received these products in exchange for an honest review.

In case you hadn't noticed already, I kind of really love nail foil. So today I have not one but two foils to share with you.

For review: N.Nail Red Light Blue Stripe Laser Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E35]
and N.Nail Black White Leopard Pattern Nail Foil Transfer [NNAIL-E40]

I'll start with the Black White Leopard pattern nail foil, E40. I applied this over Chrome Girl When In Chrome, a gorgeous silver foil. Immediately I could tell this foil would not be for everyone. It kind of comes across as a black shatter/crackle design which of course means I LOVED it but then I love crackle :P Only after doing this manicure did I realize it matches my bed sheets.

Unfortunately this one didn't photograph very nicely, all of that chrome effect reflecting light back at my camera. This looked a lot nicer in real life. The foil itself only lasted about a day before chipping but that seems to be pretty standard. I really wish the pattern weren't so large because you can end up getting a lot of nails which are just black. In general, you can't even tell this is supposed to be a leopard design. Some of the "spots" are about an inch long, so I mean I guess you could do a great accent nail with it but for the work wouldn't you rather just paint your nail? I know I would.

For the Red and Blue Stripe Laser foil, I once again started with a base of When In Chrome but this time I topped it with one coat of Sinful Colors Tokyo Pearl. Since it was July when I got these, I thought it would be a fun 4th of July themed manicure. Well.. not exactly.

Here's a side by side comparison, one shot in natural light, the other with my flash.

 I showed this manicure to my boyfriend, and he just had one perfect word to describe it:

Of course, he's absolutely right and of course after he said that, every time I looked at my nails all I could see was Aquafresh in my mind. The colors ended up being too much for me so I covered it over with Tip Top Iceberg, and wahlah! my nails were happy again. :) 

Yes, I love my crackle. So anyway, back to this foil. 1st, I tried a lot of different top coats with both of these foils. Ulta's seemed to work the best but even so it killed the holo effect of E35 but worse, it picked up a lot of the red ink. The striped foil did seem to last longer, but probably because I had so many additional layers of polish with it. I think this foil has tons of potential. You could do an all red manicure, all blue manicure, for example. Or like my pointer finger turned out, I think it looks great doing half of each color. If you do almost blue with just a hint of the red gradient, you almost get a fake chrome effect which looks really neat. If you have more patience than I, I'm sure you could use either of these foils as a great base for some nail art as well. There's definitely a ton of potential with these foils :)

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