Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Zoya Solange

I bought this polish.

 Well, with one thing and another, I've gotten really freaking side tracked from my planned posts.. as usual. I'm hoping to get back to doing my Pokemon nail challenge soon, plus the dupes. I'm currently trying to get back to being awake during the day. It's funny, it can be so hard to get adjusted to being awake at night but once you've been on night shift for so long, it seems to be even harder to get back on day shift sometimes.

So anyway, today I have my first Zoya PixieDust polish to share with you. I bought this one last month as part of their promo. Solange is a gorgeous yellow gold texture polish.

I love the color of this polish, but if this is what all the PixieDust polishes are like, I'm not impressed. This required two coats and even then coverage wasn't quite as nice as I would have liked. In my pictures you can see some pretty thin spots. I think I would actually apply this one over a yellow base in the future. My main complaint about this polish is the dry time. I'm used to texture polishes not taking very long at all to dry. Solange took much longer to dry than most other texture polishes I've used... longer than some regular polishes, for that matter.

It's too bad I had issues with this polish, because the color is so pretty. I'm not sure it matches my skin tone very well, since I'm so yellow.. but that's OK. I wish I would have had this polish when I did my Sandshrew nails, it would have been just the right color to use.

Have you tried Solange? Would you have to say it's typical or atypical for PixieDust polishes? I'd love to know, please leave a comment :)


  1. Sorry you didn't like it! The PixieDust polishes are ones a grab & slap on when I don't know what to do with my nails & I don't have much time to do them--for me they all take 2 or 3 coats & dry very fast, not sure why the dry time for you was so long. Hope it turns out better the next time you wear it or if you get another PixieDust!

  2. Such a pretty polish! Great post and nice pictures :)