Friday, February 21, 2014

JulieG Crushed Candy

I bought this item.

 I have another texture polish to share with you today, this time it's a JulieG polish called Crushed Candy. I absolutely love the JulieG texture polishes. They're all so pretty and the formula is fantastic. I wish I had more of these, they're just perfect.

Crushed Candy is kind of a light pinkish purple and the cool thing about this one is the hex glitter, which I think you should be able to see in this picture. Really lovely :)

Here's a closeup with the flash. You can see the silver hex glitters reflect here. I didn't notice it really doing this much just with my plain eye but it's kind of neat how the glitters come across as almost black with the reflection of the flash. This one just looks so sparkly and pretty. Love it.

Here's one more look, a little blurry but I still like this picture anyway. Such a pretty color. I will mention that this one didn't dry quite as fast as the other JulieG polishes have in the past, so I'm kind of thinking maybe the weather was causing my polishes to dry slower than usual which might be why Zoya Solange was giving me issues last week.

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